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the best trolling motor plugs and receptacles reviewed

The Best Trolling Motor Plug Reviews

It’s easy to overlook smaller pieces of equipment in any hobby, but if your favorite activity involves the gear that’s made up of a lot of tiny mechanical components, you’ll want to make sure they’re all reliable no matter how inconsequential each one may seem. This is certainly true of fishing and boating, where electrical components like trolling motor plugs are often taken for granted. Check out our list of reviews below to make sure you’re choosing the best trolling motor plug so you’ll never have to worry out on the water.

The 10 Best Trolling Motor Plugs & Receptacles
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    the best trolling motor plugs on the market

    Attwood MotorGuide Accessories, Trolling Motor Power Plug, 2-Prong, 1 Size

    First up on our list of the best trolling motor plugs is the two-prong, one-size-fits-all trolling motor connector from Attwood and MotorGuide. This trolling motor power plug is designed for use with MotorGuide trolling motors, providing a sure and safe connection out on the water. This is a two-prong trolling motor plug made specifically for 12-volt, 24-volt, or 36-volt motors. MotorGuide has over 50 years of experience with designing these components, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality trolling motor plug from their brand.

    Product Details

    • Trolling motor power plug 2-prong
    • 12-, 24-, or 36-volt power plug
    • Power plug provides a solid, safe connection for trolling motors
    • Sport type: Fishing

    Attwood 14366-6 Heavy-Duty Trolling Motor Connectors

    Here comes another option from Attwood: their heavy-duty trolling motor connector. This trolling motor connector features 6-inch wire harness butt connectors with an advanced design that ensures easy installation and all-weather dependability. This trolling motor connector offers a weather cover and faceplate for convenient mounting on flat surfaces, ensuring a sleek, low-profile look.

    Product Details

    • 6-inch long wire harnesses with butt connectors
    • Advanced design ensures both easy installation and all-weather dependability
    • Female receptacle (boat side) features a weather cover with face plate for convenient flat-surface mounting
    • Composed of (2) 8-gauge wires; handles 12 volts

    Attwood 14365-6 Heavy-Duty Trolling Motor Connectors

    If you need a male trolling motor connector to go with the above option, look no further. With the same 6-inch wire harness length, this trolling motor connector also offers both easy installation and all-weather capabilities. Equipped with wing tabs for easy installation and removal, this male trolling motor connector features two 8-gauge wires that are ready for any 12-volt motor you throw at them.

    Product Details

    • 6-inch long wire harnesses with butt connectors
    • Advanced design ensures both easy installation and all-weather dependability
    • Male plug (motor side) equipped with wing tabs for easy installation and removal
    • Composed of (2) 8-gauge wires; handles 12 volts

    Marinco 3-Wire ConnectPro Trolling Motor Receptacle and Plug

    Next up on our list of the best trolling motor plugs is the Marinco Three-Wire Receptacle and Plug from the team at ConnectPro. ConnectPro claims their trolling motor plug and receptacle offer a revolutionary concept in trolling motor DC connections, promising superior electric current carrying capacity—you can be sure your trolling motor is operating at full power with maximum battery life. This ConnectPro trolling motor plug features a locking plug and receptacle with a spring clamping connection, providing a secure electrical contact in all conditions.

    Product Details

    • 40A, 3 wire plug (part number 12VBP), and receptacle (part number 12VBR) packaged together
    • Easy to install, with supplied mounting plate for front panel installation, or locking ring for rear access installation
    • Corrosion-resistant, plated brass electrical components

    Marinco 70A Trolling Motor Plug and Receptacle

    Available as a trolling motor plug, a receptacle, or a combination of the two, the next option on our list of the best trolling motor plugs is both affordable and versatile. The 70A trolling motor plug and receptacle from Marinco feature a universal design for two- or three-wire configurations on any 12V, 24V, 12/24V, 24/36V, 36V, or 48V system. The trolling motor plug’s floating pin design also offers maximum connectivity and durability with corrosion-resistant components that will last ages.

    Product Details

    • 70A continuous rating
    • Universal design for 2 or 3-wire configuration 12V, 24V, 12/24V, 24/36V, 36V or 48V systems
    • Corrosion resistant, plated brass electrical components
    • Receptacle contains watertight sealing cap
    • Plug contains Integrated strain relief and keyed design with thumbprint locator
    • Fit Type: Universal Fit

    Attwood 7622-7 3-Wire 12V/24V Trolling Motor Connector

    For another affordable albeit less feature-rich trolling motor plug, look no further than the Attwood three-wire 12C/24V trolling motor connector. Coming with both male and female components, this trolling motor plug and receptacle combo from Atwood is an easy option to consider for anyone adding an electrical device to their fishing boat. This trolling motor plug comes equipped with three 10-gauge wires made to handle 12 or 24 volts easily, and the included weather cover and faceplate will protect the critical components in harsh conditions.

    Product Details

    • 6-Inch long Wire harnesses with butt connectors
    • Female receptacle Comes with a weather cover and small face plate for an unobtrusive flat surface mount
    • Male plug equipped with wing Tabs for easy installation and removal
    • Composed of (3) 10-gauge wires; can handle 12 or 24 volts

    Marinco 12-24-Volt Trolling Motor Plug

    Another great trolling motor plug for boating enthusiasts everywhere is the Marinco 12/24V trolling motor plug. A no-frills option to get the job done, this trolling motor plug features an internal jumper to supply 12V or 24V power to any compatible trolling motor with ease. Simply install the trolling motor receptacle on the boat, mount the black trolling motor plug on the motor, and attach the red plug to the leads of your battery. The four-wire trolling/charging system also eliminates the need for a charge/run switch.

    Product Details

    • Jumper Internally To Supply 12V And 24V Power To The Trolling Motor
    • 4-Wire Trolling/Charging System Eliminates The Need For A Charge/Run Switch
    • Install The Receptacle On The Boat, Mount The Black Plug On The Trolling Motor And The Red Plug On The Leads Of The Battery Charger
    • Made From Quality Materials

    MotorGuide Accessories Trolling Motor Power Receptacle

    The MotorGuide Accessories trolling motor power receptacle easily installs in your boat’s bow panel, providing you with greater flexibility in your choice of motor mounting positions. This trolling motor plug offers a matching two-prong 12-, 24- or 36-volt trolling motor receptacle, and it features durable construction and a hinged, spring-loaded cover for reliable protection when not in use. As one of the more affordable options on our list of the best trolling motor plugs, this 12-, 24-, and 36-volt trolling motor plug and receptacle combo is well worth a look if you’re seeking something affordable and effective.

    Product Details

    • 6-inch long wire harnesses with butt connectors
    • Advanced design ensures both easy installation and durability
    • Female receptacle installs in bow panel, features a spring-loaded cover that protects receptacle when not in use
    • Composed of (2) 8-gauge wires; handles 12, 24, 36 volts

    Marinco 2 Wire ConnectPro Receptacle

    Another great trolling motor plug and receptacle combo from Marinco is their two-wire ConnectPro model. With a max rating of 40 amps, this trolling motor plug can handle most electric, bow-mounted trolling motors with ease. The ergonomic, contoured grip makes this trolling motor plug easy to hook up and also provides simple ground blade alignment. This trolling motor plug’s corrosion-resistant, brass-plated components are made to stand the test of time, and the weather-resistant plug cover and included O-ring seal ensures a strong, waterproof connection.

    Product Details

    • 40A, 2 wire plug (part number 12VBRS2) and receptacle (part number 12VBPS2) packaged together
    • For front mount panel installations
    • Corrosion-resistant, plated brass electrical components, drain holes in receptacle keep water away from electrical components and weather-resistant sealing cap
    • Fits in a standard 1-1/8" diameter mounting hole

    Minn Kota 1865128 MKR-26 Freshwater and Saltwater Trolling Motor Plug and Receptacle

    Last but certainly not least on our list of the best trolling motor plugs is a much more premium option from the team at Minn Kota. Their MKR-26 trolling motor plug and receptacle come at a price, but the quality and security you’ll get from them are unmatched. Featuring silver-plated terminals for an even more reliable, corrosion-resistant connection, the trolling motor plug, and receptacle function equally well in freshwater and saltwater conditions, and the sealed, waterproof design ensures it will continue working for years to come. This trolling motor plug has a continuous power rating of 60 amps and can push up to 48 volts, which means it can handle almost any trolling motor or electrical equipment you can throw at it.

    Product Details

    • Silver-plated terminals for a reliable corrosion-resistant connection in any freshwater or saltwater application
    • Sealed waterproof design
    • Secure threaded electrical connection and adjustable mounting orientations
    • Continuous power rated to 60 amps up to 48v
    • 8 AWG wire leads. (Compatible with 6 - 10 AWG wire sizes)