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reviews of the best trolling motor covers and propeller guards

Reviews Of The Best Trolling Motor Covers

These days you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice form for function or vice versa, and this holds true for boating accessories. Whether you’re an angler or you just like going out on the water, you of course want your boat to perform well, and it doesn’t hurt if it looks good either. Protect your equipment with an item from this list of trolling motor covers, trolling motor propeller guards, and trolling motor cable covers so you can be sure your investment will remain safe and functional for years to come.

The Top 10 Trolling Motor Covers, Propeller Guards, and Cable Sleeves
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    the best cable sleeves, trolling motor covers, and propeller guards

    T-H Marine GFTJ-1-DP G-Force Troll Jacket Trolling Motor Cable Organizer Sleeve

    First up on our list of the best trolling motor accessories is the G-Force cable cover from T-H Marine. This trolling motor cable cover lets you organize your wires and cables with a 2 mm-thick neoprene sleeve. It can be cut to size in order to fit your specific setup, eliminating the need for zip ties and allowing you to organize cables for your trolling motor and adjacent devices with ease.

    Product Details

    • 2mm Neoprene trolling motor wire and cable organizer
    • Length: 60 Inches
    • Wrapped Diameter: 1. 5"
    • Eliminates the need for zip ties

    iCOVER Outboard Trolling Motor Cover

    The iCOVER trolling motor cover is a heavy-duty motor cover that can protect your outboard motor, fitting most motor brands and sizes. This trolling motor cover features a water-resistant, easy-to-clean design made of 600D Oxford polyester with PVC coating. It is also rip-resistant and provides a secure fit with its drawn cord enclosure. If you’re looking for an inexpensive trolling motor cover to protect your equipment from the elements, the iCOVER trolling motor cover may be worth a look.

    Product Details

    • Dimension - 23"DX13.5" WX16.5"H, this heavy-duty outboard motor cover protects 4 stroke motors 2.5HP to 10HP; 2 stroke motors up to 25 HP, fits most brands like Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan
    • Water Resistant Design & Easy Clean - Made of 600D Heavy-duty oxford polyester with water-resistant PVC coating, the tough fabric provides a powerful guard against any weather: Snow, Hail, rain and wind, etc, and gives your boat motor all year round protection. Water repellent finish enables stain-preventing and easy cleaning, simply hosing with water and the dirt will come off easily.
    • Rip Resistant - This iCOVER boat motor cover has double line stitching and high-density bound seams for great durability. Constructed with vinyl coating, easy to withstand sunlight and keeps the cover new and clean.
    • Snug Fit - iCOVER outboard motor cover has drawn cord closure at the bottom for better fit and double secure. No more worry about your motor cover will blow away in a strong wind! Even in a harsh environment, your grill can be safe, clean, and dry. Fit for all year round.

    Taylor Made Products Trolling Motor Prop Guard

    One of the most important pieces of your trolling motor to protect is the prop. With Taylor Made Products’ trolling motor prop cover, you can be sure your investment is safe when you’re not out on the water. Made in the USA from heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl, this trolling motor prop cover can extend the life of your boat by protecting it from the wear and tear associated with the sharp edges of a prop. This trolling motor prop guard is designed to fit both two- and three-blade propellers, making it an affordable and versatile option for anglers everywhere.

    Product Details

    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Extend the life of your boat cover by protecting it from wear and tear caused by sharp edges on your trolling motor prop
    • Made from heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl
    • Sizes to fit both 2 or 3 blade propellers: 2 sizes, 2 styles in 2 colors to choose from

    FLYMEI Outboard Motor Cover

    Next up on our list of trolling motor accessories is a cover designed to fit a variety of outboard motors of varying lengths and horsepowers. FLYMEI has created a range of trolling motor covers that are incredibly simple to install with a drawstring and zip fastener, providing excellent off-season storage. This trolling motor cover’s 600D heavy-duty Oxford fabric with double PU coating is durable and 100% waterproof.

    Product Details

    • NOTE - Please go by the " Length " of your motor, DON'T go by the Hp size. If your motor is special, exchange it for the next size up.
    • SIZE - 89.0'' X 77.6'', good choice for outboard motor 100-150HP.
    • DURABLE MATERIAL - The boat engine cover is made of 600D heavy-duty oxford fabric with double PU Coating, 100% waterproof. This outboard motor cover can prevent the motor from fading and squeaking in sunlight, rain, wind, UV rays, extend your motor service life.
    • EASY TO INSTALL - the boat motor covers are designed with drawstring and zip fastener, easy to install or remove without tools, excellent for off-season storage, or as a quick cover. Coming with a polyester bag for convenient storage.

    Softclub Outboard Motor Cover

    Available in a variety of sizes, Softclub’s outboard trolling motor covers are more great options to consider when looking to protect your boat. These outboard trolling motor covers are made from the same 600D heavy-duty Oxford fabric as their competitors, while also featuring reinforced seams and waterproof strips to ensure maximum water resistance during storms and high winds. These trolling motor covers are also UV-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about sunlight fading and aging your motor either. The convenient drawstring and zip fastener design also make these trolling motor covers easy for anyone to install.

    Product Details

    • EXCELLENT WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE - Our outboard motor covers are made of marine-grade 600D heavy-duty oxford fabric that completely protects your outboard motor against sun, rain, snow, and dirt year-round. Reinforced seams and waterproof strips at all seams on the back for maximum water resistance to withstand any storms and winds.
    • CUSTOM BOAT MOTOR COVERS FOR 8-20HP MOTOR - Perfect Wind-Resistant boat engine cover, the drawstring hem results in a tight and custom fit to your outboard engine, together with zipper access for more firmly hold, protect your outboard engine with exceptional security on the windy and rainy days.
    • UV RESISTANT - Outboard engine covers own an extra UV resistant coating, which prevents your outboard motor from sunlight aging and fading, offers the best protection for your marine engine in the gulf or onshore.
    • EXTRA PROTECTION - Marine-grade high-density polyester full outboard cover, effectively blocks tiny dust into the interior of the motor, also effectively protects your outboard engine from tree sap, bird poop, offers excellent weather protection all year around.
    • EASY TO INSTALL&STORAGE - Convenient drawstring and zip fastener design, easy to install or remove in minutes without tools. Drawstring closure on bottom hem cinches the cover tightly to the motor. Excellent for off-season storage or as a quick cover. Comes together with a polyester bag for convenient storage.

    PrimeShield Outboard Motor Cover

    Next up in our list of the best boating accessories is a trolling motor cover from PrimeShield. Their outboard trolling motor cover is a heavy-duty, waterproof cover designed for boat motors up to 10 horsepower. This trolling motor cover is made from 600D polyester with a waterproof PU coating for extra protection from the elements. It features double-line stitching and high-density seams for added durability, and it comes with anti-ultraviolet sun and heat protection, increasing the life of the cover and ensuring that it always looks nice, too!

    Product Details

    • SIZE & FIT: 21"(D) x 12"(W) x 16"(H). Heavy Duty waterproof outboard motor cover protects boat motors up to 10 HP. Fits most brands like Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan.
    • WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE: The boat motor cover is made of 600D polyester fabric with a waterproof PU coating and an anti-UV coating, which protects your boat engine against damage from sun, wind, dust, and other natural elements...always keeping it in good condition. This 600D engine cover is also cold-resistant down to -68 Fahrenheit to protect your boat motor in the winter months too.
    • UV PROTECTED: This boat motor cover has double-line stitching and high-density bound seams for great durability. It comes with anti-ultraviolet sun and heat protection, easy to withstand sunlight, and keeps the cover new and clean.
    • SECURE QUICK RELEASE SYSTEM: The elastic cord around the bottom hem ensures a tight fit to provide your motor with 360 degrees of all-around protection. No more worry about your motor cover will blow away in a strong wind!

    Eevelle Wake M1 Trailerable Boat Motor Cover

    If you want a more stylish option to protect your trolling motor, the Eevelle Wake M1 trolling motor cover may be the choice for you. These durable trolling motor covers are constructed from marine-grade polyester that’s both UV- and water-resistant. Great for all purposes and weather conditions, this easy-to-install trolling motor cover is a great choice for any boating enthusiast that wants to add a little color to their setup. Wake’s M1 trolling motor covers are also versatile in their fit—simply measure your outboard motor and determine which trolling motor cover most closely matches your motor model.

    Product Details

    • EXTRA PROTECTION: Fabric is designed with extra strength marine-grade quality to fully and effectively cover outboard engine from sunlight, fading, and weather
    • ULTRA WATERPROOF: Our motor covers are made of UV and mildew resistant fabric for long-term durability. Maximum repellency with ultra waterproof polyester fabric
    • UV PROTECTION: Protect your motor from harsh UV rays that can cause aging and fading. Fabric is built to make your motor continue looking fresh and clean
    • SECURE FIT: Strong universal fit to securely fasten to various engine makes and models. Built-in web strap and quick release buckle in hem creates a custom fit for all motors
    • EASY APPLICATION: Take on and off without any extra tools quickly and conveniently. Bottom hem closure tightly secures to motor for protection in seconds

    BXI Propeller's Safety Cage Prop Protection

    You may be in need of a way to protect your boat’s prop, and BXI Propeller's Safety Cage Prop Protector is a trolling motor prop guard that does just that. This trolling motor prop cover is designed for a 12V trolling motor, providing a solid stainless steel design that will keep your prop safe from underwater hazards. It will fit most 30- to 48-pound thrusts and has a large neck to accommodate a variety of motors. Offering crash protection, anti-winding, and defense from aquatic plants, this trolling motor prop cover is a great choice that won’t break the bank.

    Product Details

    • Typical for DC 12V trolling motor
    • Small Size: neck diameter: 8.2cm or 3.22'', for motors circumference within 26.5cm-28.1cm or 10.4''-11''. Fit most 30 pound - 48 pound thrusts. Net diameter: 30cm or 11.9''. Please see product picture for more size detail
    • Large Size: neck diameter: 9.8cm or 3.9'', for motors circumference within 30cm-31.6cm or 11.8''-12.4''. Fit most 58 pound - 65 pound thrusts. Some 86lb thrusts. Please check the motor size before purchase. Net diameter: 30cm or 11.9''
    • Crashproof/anti-winding/anti aquatic plants. Stainless steel for a saltwater environment
    • Easy installation

    PropPro Trolling Motor Propellor Guard

    The PropPro boat propeller cover is another easily installed trolling motor prop guard that comes in a variety of colors. With replaceable retention plates and skag slots that double as strap slots, this trolling motor prop cover is useful both in and out of the water. The retention plates are easy to install or remove, and applying the PropPro to your propeller is literally a snap. Check out the PropPro for a trolling motor prop guard that both looks great and performs well.

    Product Details

    • PropPro "Protection from your Propeller" Protect your family, friends, and pets near your NON-SPINNING boat propeller, in and out of the water.
    • With the easy-on easy-off proprietary retention plates, applying the PropPro to your propeller is a snap.
    • The retention plates are all replaceable and the skag slots double as strap slots in strong current situations.
    • The PropPro fits boat propellers from 10" to 17", irrespective of pitch or number of blades.
    • The PropPro also fits double-stacked propellers and covers the outside propeller which is the main strike point of a NON-spinning propeller. ** If you are purchasing a PropPro for a double stack propeller set up, send us a message so we can include the correct length strap.

    Hongxin LAttice Neoprene Fireproofing Cable Cord Management Sleeve

    The last product on our list of boating accessories is a cable and cord management system that can be used in and out of the water. Hongxin LAttice’s neoprene cable covers can be used for trolling motors and many other applications, even if they have nothing to do with boating. These trolling motor cable covers can be cut to size for a custom fit, increase the long-term durability of your cables, and offer fireproofing in case of a short. Perfect for use in the home, office, garage, or out on the water, these trolling motor cable covers are an inexpensive and highly customizable way to ensure your electronics stay protected.

    Product Details

    • Total Lenth of 80-Inch and 5.1-Inch wide. Color: Pure Black
    • Can be cut into different length for different purposes use.
    • Material: Fireproofing Neoprene. Long-Term Durability and fireproof to keep safe from "In Case of cable short"
    • Cut out any holes that you want to enter or exit your cable plug through the sleeve body, as we have improved the Neoprene material to get it thinner to be able to be cut and retain stronger quality
    • Rejustable cover range.The hook and loop strips are designed with different Lengths. You may install the sleeves at covers with different diameters.