Straight Razor Tattoo

Beards are a unique aspect of a man’s personality. For men who take pride in identifying with their manhood, the beard and its associated rituals signify a celebration of their masculinity. By grooming their beards, men make them an indelible part of their physical self, thereby projecting their nature and identity through it.

Tattoos provide a way for us to have more control over our bodies. It also helps us to add a sense of exclusivity to our natural skin, which is otherwise very common or ordinary. A tattoo helps us add a touch of distinctness to our otherwise traditional body. A lot of us, therefore, prefer the design of a razor as our tattoo. A straight razor not only signifies masculine pride and energy, but it has also other symbolic associations. It represents sharpness and edge - someone with a boisterous and cocky personality might associate themselves with it. A straight razor also recalls ideas of the traditional and old-school - somebody who is fond of everything from the old days might like the straight razor. A straight razor and a tattoo both involve pain in the process, and it is this mastery over the pain that makes the straight razor a popular theme in tattoos.


While getting a straight razor tattoo, you can come up with innumerable interesting variations. A straight razor is an object that can easily get along with other objects and symbols to form an eye-catching tattoo. Let us look at some of the tattoo designs that you can get:

Straight Razor Tattoos in Different Shapes and Sizes

The handle of the straight razor is the most customizable part of the razor. During the 17th century, when straight razors were popularly used, they had interesting and sophisticated handles. You have razors with wooden, brass, iron and steel handles. Each of them provides an interesting color tone to the tattoos - brown, orange, gold or grey. You can go beyond conventional handle colors and go for something bright and glossy such as red, blue or pink. These colors need not be restricted to the handle - you can have blades with quirky colorful designs. A combination of a blue color blade and a handle having orange and red brings a steampunk effect to the tattoo. Added to it is a wobbly cartoonish design with black borders that will make your tattoo pop out from the rest of them.

Straight Razors in Combination with Other Objects

Straight Razors and Other Objects

You can experiment with your tattoo designs by coupling your razor with other complementary or antithetical symbols and designs. A razor and a flower are two dissimilar objects, but together they can make a good tattoo. A straight razor with flowers and leaves growing around it signifies the yin and yang of life  - the bad times and the good times both exist together and are equally a part and parcel of life. It is through the harmony of the dominant and gentle we can build up an all around personality. You could also go for a design that involves a body part along with the straight razor. A bloody eye or a hand that has a razor sticking inside it will make for a very powerful tattoo design.


Tattoos in Black and White and Text


If you prefer something subtle, you should go for a straight razor tattoo that is in greyscale. When the ornamentation of colors is removed, you have a scope for getting complex and intricate designs. Having a black and white shade might also give the tattoo the appearance of a pencil sketch. You can also achieve a 3D effect by using a black and white design.

Some prefer using a text alongside their tattoos. This text might consist of a quote or a word that has great significance for the person. Another popular option is to add your own name to the tattoo or the name of your significant other.



When it comes to straight razor tattoos, you have a lot of fascinating designs at your disposal. You can go for a simple design of a razor with a blade and a handle showing you are experienced in how to shave with a straight razor, while on the other hand, you can have razor tattoos that are bright and colorful, having a lot of elements that together tell a story.