by Jon Lindquist | Last updated February 21st, 2021

Roll back the years…It’s human nature to look forward to newer technologies, time saving techniques, and achieving as much automation and comfort as possible. Unfortunately, in our endeavor to constantly look forward, we tend to abate the use of somewhat older and safer techniques.

Things are no different when it comes to the use of razors. With all the fascination (thanks to insane and profitable marketing) of flex ball technologies that promise to kiss your skin at all times with 4 or 5 blades, attractive packaging, and the latest addition of automatic razors, these have definitely dented the straight razor market.

Best Straight Razors 2021


Razor NameWeightBlade
Professional Dovo Set3 lbs.Solingen Steel
Historic 6/8 Mimosa Wood10.6 ozCarbon Steel
Dovo Renaissance4.8 ozSolingen Steel
Excelia J-type 14 ozStainless Steel
188 Blue Micarta Spartacus F-Nose4.6 ozC-135 Carbon Steel
Erbe 4/8″ Half Hollow2.9 ozSolingen Steel
Boker USA Edelweiss2.4 ozCarbon Steel
DOVO Forestal Cocobolo1.7 ozSwedish Steel
Dovo Bergischer Löwe4.2 ozCarbon Steel
188 Olivewood Spartacus4.6 ozC-135 Steel

Let’s get down to the basics. Why do we shave? Yeah, it sounds cliché, but contemplate for a moment why we need to burn a hole in our pockets for something that is as basic as removing our facial hair. All you need is a good old clean shave!

Believe us, straight razors are the hands-down winners when it comes to a clean shave. They give the cleanest and closest shaves in the history of mankind. No matter what technologies companies come up with, no matter how many pennies you shell out for the latest razors, there’s nothing more uncomplicated and sharp as a straight razor, and there will never be one.

Straight Razors

So let’s have a look at the benefits of the razors that our forefathers used:

The cleanest and closest shave - Isn’t that the most important prerequisite of a razor? It may take a few attempts to master the art of shaving with a straight razor, but the quality of the shave is unmatched.

No more razor burn and skin irritation - The lesser the time the razor spends on your skin, the lesser the irritation. A straight razor gives you a perfect shave, much faster than any other razor. Fewer strokes are required so you save your skin from post shave irritation.

Better contour to your skin - The slim design and symmetry of safety razors offers better access to the tough-to-shave areas of your face.

Long lasting life - While the initial investment in a high-quality straight razor is definitely quite high, consider the fact that they are hassle free and last for many, many years (with proper care, of course).

Lower cost over time – Since, you will rarely have to replace a straight razor that has been properly maintained, they can actually end up saving you big bucks in the long run.

The art and benefits of using a straight razor are being rediscovered. Let’s have a look at the top 10 straight razors available on the market right now.

1. Professional Dovo Straight Razor Shaving Set

dovo straight razor reviewThe craftsmanship that goes into making a Dovo razor is unbelievable. Dovo razors are like the experienced and seasoned player that is essential to the success of any team. They are both reliable and easy to maintain, but most importantly, the Solingen steel blades are simply amazing.

So what do you get in the Dovo Straight razor shaving set? Here’s what’s inside:

Dovo Straight Razor in a hollow ground sealed packing.

Marvy Classic Shaving shop for lather foaming.

Haryali brand leather bag.

6000 grit Japanese water stone.

Conditioning Paste, Badger Hair Shaving & Steel Bowl.



Product Dimensions: 12 x 2 x 6 inches; 3 pounds

Shipping Weight: 4 pounds


Overall Verdict:

Dovo has been a reliable player in the safety razor arena. Their super impressive and super sharp blades give you the cleanest shaves day in and day out. While it can take some time to master the art of using straight razors, it is certainly worth the investment, as you save both money and time.


  • What you see is what you get. No deception
  • High quality German Solingen steel blade
  • Works fairly well for beginners as well as professionals
  • Ready to use razor
  • Light weight, aesthetic & impressive material selection


  • Plastic case razor holder
  • 6000 grit water stone not of highest quality

2. Historic Straight Razor 6/8 Mimosa Wood

historic straight razor reviewThe Historic 6/8 Mimosa Wood-handled straight razor is an outstanding, high-performance razor. Made in France, this straight razor offers a superior shave thanks to an amazingly sharp 100% carbon steel blade. The product comes with a warranty and a certificate of origin. The handle is Mimosa snake wood and is 17 cm long. There is a 14.8 cm anti-slip knurling on the lower side of the tang. The grip is firm and comfortable. The blade has a mirror finish and gold markings - all in all a clear winner!


Closed size: 17 cm Mimosa wood (snake-wood) handle

14.8 cm anti-slip knurling on lower side of the tang

Shipping weight: 1.8 ounces

Overall Verdict:

The Historic Mimosa Wood-handled straight razor is clear winner in every category. With a super sharp, steel blade, firm grip even with wet hands, and long-lasting, aesthetic, and sleek design, this product doesn’t disappoint in any way. You’ll have no regrets since your money will be well-invested on this one!


  • High quality 100% Carbon steel blade
  • Mimosa wood handle looks great and is built to last
  • Grip is firm and secure
  • Aesthetic design


  • Price on the higher end of the spectrum

3. Dovo Renaissance Straight Razor

dovo renaissance reviewDovo is a German giant when it comes to razors, especially straight razors. The Dovo Renaissance straight razor is handmade in Germany with the Solingen super sharp steel blade. The handle is made from Spanish oak and is completely hollow. The blade has a beautiful gold logo engraved on it. While reviewing the Dovo straight razor, we decided that basically all Dovo products are highly reliable and ready to use.


6/8″ blade width

Shipping weight: 4.8 ounces

Overall Verdict:

You cannot and never will go wrong with Dovo. The Renaissance is no exception. The super sharp Solingen steel blade is sure to give you the cleanest look, while the rich tapestry-like design and cross sword gold artwork gives it a premium look. You won’t regret this incredible beast!


  • Super sharp razor gives clean shave
  • Product design made with reasonable dexterity
  • Spanish oak handle looks stylish and aesthetic
  • Gold cross sword design shines and gives a premium look


  • Razor requires pre-horning before first time use

4. Kai Excelia Straight Razor J-type 1

kai excelcia reviewImmaculately crafted by Kai, this Japanese shavette has a stainless steel head and a matte aluminum and grey silicon handle. Kai’s refill blades like the Titan Mild or the Titan Mild Pro-touch work wonders with this piece of Japanese brilliance.

Cleaning the blade is finally a cakewalk with Kai’s J type razor, as it has a completely removable head.


Shipping weight: 4 ounces

Matte stainless steel head

Overall Verdict:

Kai’s Captain Excelia Straight J-type razor is a standout winner. Superior materials, a precise and immaculate design, and the completely removable head make this razor a cut above the competitors. Most customers reverberate the same thing about Kai’s Excelia Straight razor: “Great product. No complaints.” This product is the best value. You can’t go wrong with this one!



  • Completely removable head facilitates the cleaning process
  • Precision designing with no space left between blade and holder where lather accumulates
  • Sturdy, built to last thanks to the use of high quality materials
  • Comfortable shaving experience guaranteed


  • The handle is partially steel and partially rubber

5. Thiers Issard 188 Blue Micarta Spartacus F-Nose 6/8

Thiers Issard 188 Blue Micarta Spartacus reviewThe 188 Blue Micarta Spartacus from France is truly a superb straight razor. The blade is C135 carbon steel. The razor’s name is engraved in gold leaf on the blade with a mirror finish. The handle has a classic denim look to it. Jimps ensure a secure and firm grip. The razor comes packaged in a leather pouch, handmade in France.


Blade Type: Fully hollow-ground C135 carbon steel; rounded French nose, razor name in gold leaf, and a mirror finish

Blade Size: 6/8”

Overall Verdict:

This French-made straight razor is a high-quality product that is sure to give you a pleasurable shaving experience. It is well-balanced, with an overall thoughtful and unique design. It undoubtedly provides a confident and secure grip and definitely provides value for the money.


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  • The C135 blade is super sharp and ensures a clean shave
  • The gold leaf impression gives a premium look to the razor. Denim finish handle looks stylish and attractive
  • Well balanced with unique nose for precise and detailed shaving experience
  • The handle is sturdy and long lasting


  • The product is slightly costly compared to its competitors

6. Erbe Half Hollow Stag Horn

Erbe Half Hollow Stag Horn reviewThe 4/8” straight razor with horn scales by Erbe is handmade in Solingen, Germany. Solingen is world famous for the quality of steel resources they have. The handle, made from stag horn, is simply outstanding, and that’s putting it mildly. The look of the stag horn handle is timeless. The Solingen Steel blade is extremely sharp and offers a clean and precise shaving experience.


Blade Width: 4/8″

Blade Size: 105mm

Shipping weight: 2.9 ounces

Overall Verdict:

You can never go wrong with a blade made from Solingen steel and a handle made from stag horn, can you? Overall, this quality product provides absolute value for the money and is definitely long-lasting.


  • Solingen steel blade is super sharp and provides picture perfect clean shaves
  • The handle is one of a kind, made from stag horn and offers an effortless grip


  • Not recommended for beginners

7. Boker USA Edelweiss Straight Razor

Boker USA Edelweiss reviewAlso made in Solingen, this 5/8” carbon steel blade is simply outstanding. Carbon grade steel compared to stainless steel provides better and cleaner shaves. Boker is one of the leading players in the straight razor market, and USA Edelweiss is one its finest products. Skillfully crafted, the high precision and quality blade make this razor impossible to ignore for professionals as well as beginners.

The handle is made from natural white bone. It is comfortable to hold and provides a firm and confident grip, even if your hands are wet. With great power, come great responsibilities. With such a high quality and sharp blade, it’s only apt that the handle and the grip are equally good. Boker doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

Boker Edelweiss Specifications:

Blade Material: Carbon Steel.

Handle Material: White Bone

Shipping weight: 2.4 ounces

Overall Verdict:

Boker Edelweiss has all the ingredients to be a highly sought after straight razor. We highly acclaim it for its high-quality carbon blade, firm grip, stylish look, and superior performance. It certainly makes for a smart investment.


  • 100% Carbon grade blade provides sharp, clean and unmatched shaves
  • High quality grip, easy and comfortable to handle
  • The Edelwiess mark on the blade looks stylish and premium


  • Boker Edelweiss is a bit costly compared to other straight razors, but honestly speaking, it’s worth the investment
  • Not ideal for beginners due to extremely sharp nature of the blade

8. DOVO Forestal 5/8 Cocobolo Straight Razor Set

DOVO Forestal 58 Cocobolo reviewDOVO Forestal has a Swedish grade steel blade and Cocobolo wood handle. This straight razor is delicate, yet very sharp. The Cocobolo wood handle is one of a kind and is simply remarkable. The handle is shiny, looks well-oiled, resists moisture, and is extremely sturdy and long-lasting.

Dovo dawns from Solingen in Germany. Solingen has become synonymous with high-quality razor blades and the Dovo Forestal Razor set is no exception.

The razor set contains the following items: Free Lifetime Hone, Strop and Polishing, Leather and Cloth Strop, Leather Stamped Travel Pouch, Premium Shaving Mug, Premium Shaving Brush, and Premium Shaving Soap.

Dovo Straight Razor Review:

Shipping weight: 1.7 ounces

Straight razor with 5/8″ blade

Overall Verdict

Dovo is the leading manufacturer of in the world, and Dovo Forestal is one their finest products till date. You will never tire of admiring the Cocobolo wood handle, while the sharp blade and file jimps ensure clean and hassle-free shaves every morning. Light in weight and high on style – you won’t regret this set!


  • Cocobolo wood handle is the finest-in-class and is highly impressive
  • Blade has a beautiful design etched in 24K gold on the blade
  • Sharp blade ensures clean shaves
  • Dovo handcrafts their razors through a process of blank forging, ice tempering, hardening, honing and polishing


  • Not ideal for beginners because of sharp nature of blade

9. Dovo Bergischer Löwe 5/8 inch

Dovo Bergischer Löwe reviewIt’s hard to look beyond Dovo when you are searching for a quality razor. Immaculate craftsmanship, precision manufacturing, sharp Solingen steel blade and a firm confident grip are some of the outstanding features that Dovo razors offer. Dovo Bergischer Lowe is no different. Dovo Bergischer is a 5/8” full hollow carbon steel blade razor with a Spanish point on the blade for better control of the tip and superior functionality. The blade is spectacularly mirror finished with gold etched marking on the blade which adds a premium touch to it.


Shipping weight: 4.2 ounces.

Size: 5/8″

Material: Carbon steel

Grind: Full Hollow

Scales: Buffalo horn

Markings: Gold etching on blade and spine

Overall Verdict

Over the years Solingen in Germany has acquired legendary status when it comes to steel and razor manufacturing. Dovo products are hand made in Solingen and thus are exceptional. The Dovo Bergischer comes with a Spanish tip, buffalo horn handle, 5/8” blade, full hollow grind, gold etched marking and mirror finish and an extremely sharp blade- has all the ingredients for a picture perfect straight razor.


  • Solingen carbon steel blade which offers superior shaving experience
  • Spanish point for better control of tip and outstanding functionality
  • Mirror finish and gold etched marking enhances the aesthetic quotient of the razor
  • Buffalo horn handle


  • The tip is quite sharp and hence is not recommended for beginners

10. Thiers Issard 188 Olivewood Spartacus F-Nose

188 Thiers Issard Olivewood reviewThe 188 Olivewood Spartacus F-Nose straight razor is truly an exceptional piece. It is lightweight, with a slim and sleek design, but what makes it unique is its nose, which positions the blade effortlessly to offer a smooth shaving experience. The blade is made from full hollow ground C-135 steel with a rounded French nose. The jimps ensure a firm and confident grip, etched with “Theirs Issard”, adding a quite stunning appearance. The razor comes in a leather pouch, handmade in France.


6/8” razor

C-135 steel blade

Overall Verdict

If you are a professional and looking for something lightweight with style, superior grip, and a superb shaving experience, the 188 Olivewood Spartacus F-nose is undoubtedly well-suited to you. Although the price is slightly on the higher end, it’s an investment with a high payoff.


  • Jimps ensure a superior and confident grip
  • Lightweight, sleek design
  • French nose allows the blade to be positioned effortlessly and offers a superior shaving experience
  • C-135 steel blade is sharp and shiny
  • “Theirs Issard” mark looks stylish and appealing


  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Bit costly compared to similar products