Best Portable Bleachers 2021 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Portable Indoor Bleachers or Outdoor Bleachers

For those in the market for portable bleachers, there is a wide variety of choices to suit your needs. Typically, a customer might find that searching for the best portable bleachers is somewhat of a time-consuming and troublesome chore. However, I am prepared to enlighten you with knowledge about the best portable bleachers accessible on the market today. With features to fit all of your specific needs, these bleachers are accessible from various organizations and have diverse models. For the most part, if you can use them outdoors, you can use them indoors. Most are made of the same materials.

Top 10 Portable Bleachers 2021


best portable bleachers

Bleacher NameRowsSeats
4-Row Aluminum420
Preferred Bleacher330
Sport Supply Group315
Tip N' Roll Portable420
Preferred Bleacher440
4-Row Standard456
Five-Row Spectator570
Portable Bench115
SSG / BSN 15'110
3 Row Tip n Roll330

Most portable bleachers are constructed with heavy duty extruded aluminum or steel. This works for indoor and outdoor seating at places like baseball and softball diamonds, school gymnasiums, tennis courts, football fields, and parks to name a few. These can be moved to various locations when temporary seating is desired. The stairway format guarantees great views of the action, even from long distances. Portable bleachers are designed as required: in sports stadiums mobile bleachers are situated beyond the outfield wall in a stairway pattern to enhance the view from the top of the zone; center field portable bleachers are situated in the center of the stadium to guarantee that fans enjoy each and every minute of the game with a wonderful view. Mobile bleachers are perfect for making seating arrangements easy, while also being quite comfortable.

The amount of seat space on bleachers is additionally favored over a single seat system, because it takes into account that a single child or small person takes up less space, compared to single seats which take up the same space no matter what. Therefore, bleachers can save room and therefore, money.

Mobile Bleachers - Advantages

Portable bleachers have become widely accessible on the market in huge numbers. The most significant characteristic of portable bleachers is that they are less expensive, and are quite affordable for any budget. While buying bleachers, ensure that the material you purchase is of high quality, manufacturer’s quality standards, specifications, and that the sport can be seen by every seat.

Some advantages offered by portable bleachers:

  • Flexibility in arrangement
  • Temporary installation
  • Simple setup and take down
  • Lighter in weight, yet solid
  • Easy accessibility for cleaning
  • Easy use
  • Comfort for patrons
  • Easy transportation
  • High quality at reasonable prices

Portable Bleachers

It is essential that mobile bleachers be constructed with the best materials that are solid, long lasting, and low-maintenance in order to keep them in great condition. Aluminum steel is frequently used for bleacher construction because of the benefits the metal offers. Besides being both lightweight and strong, bleachers constructed with aluminum won’t rust or fade. It’s also resilient to weight or impact, recyclable, and seamless, which make the parts stronger and less likely to loosen over time. Aluminum accepts liquid paint, powder coatings, anodizing, or electroplating, so mobile bleachers produce a sense and look of professionalism, while providing comfortable and plush seating.

1. 4-Row Aluminum Portable Bleachers

4 row aluminium bleachersThe 4-row aluminum portable bleachers are perfect for indoor courts and outdoor fields. The 4-row aluminum bleachers framework was designed for safety, ease of assembly, and durability. The all-aluminum structure is joined with aluminum anodized seat planks and complete footboards. This bleacher framework will withstand the rigor of daily use both outside or inside with little maintenance for years to come. The 4-row aluminum bleachers system is made with high quality anodized aluminum, welded joint frames and hot-dipped galvanized hardware for a long-lasting, high quality appearance.

Fly balls? Stomping fans? No problem! 4-row bleachers are structured with swivel casters and special rubber pads to make them both portable and sturdy. These pads shield all flooring impacts, such as dings, scrapes, or dents. So these bleachers are remarkable for indoor or outdoor seating.

These 4-row bleachers have a height of 2’6”. The dimensions are 15’ wide x 6’7” deep. The footboard and seat plank width is 10” and they only weigh 395 pounds. The 4-row aluminum bleachers have the capacity to seat from 15 to 54 screaming fans. They also come with a 5 to 8 year limited warranty. They are incredible for flat and hard ground surfaces and lush grounds with ground still stabilizers.

The 4-row powder-covered aluminum understructure offers great quality, durability, and expected life. These grandstands are intended for open air use. The custom, across-the-board starter bundle incorporates all that you need to begin.

Advantages of 4-row Portable Bleachers:

  • Framework of 4-row bleachers is built from aluminum strength and heavy duty understructure.
  • High quality anodized aluminum maintains its appearance and high quality for years.
  • The structure is power coated to give a superb finish and protection for aluminum.
  • The 10” plank seat boards are anodize covered for additional aluminum protection. This covering also reflects heat and daylight which keeps the temperature of bleachers reliable.
  • These bleachers can temporarily or permanently be used inside or outside.
  • A fast attachment system is available, perfect for circumstances where bleachers needs to be put up and taken down.
  • Seat boards and foot boards can be attached or removed effectively without tools or apparatuses.
  • The wheel system increases portability of these bleachers with the carter system.
  • The warranty is 5 to 8 years.


  • Anodized aluminum
  • 10″ plank seating
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Good warranty


  • Priced on higher-end of the spectrum

2. Preferred Bleacher 3-Rows

preferred bleacher 3 rowsThe durable, aluminum Tip N Roll Preferred 3-Row Bleacher is an excellent sports bleacher for any gym or field. These bleachers are made with 100% welded aluminum angle frames, featuring powder-covered seat boards. The powder-covered seat boards help to prevent the bleachers from rust and shade blurring.

Preferred 3-Row Bleachers are perfect for auxiliary seating because of its easy-to-tip casters which also helps with bother-free transport and storage. They are equipped with high grade swivel casters and rubber foot pads to protect your floor from scratches, abrasions, and spots. They are available in 4 colors: royal blue, dark green, navy blue, and red.

The height of the first row is 17” with dimensions being 15’ long x 60’ deep x 30’ high. The footboard and seat plank have a width of 10” each. Four 4” casters make for easy transport and the total weight is 252 pounds. They also come with a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The Preferred 3-Row bleachers have the capacity to seat 15 to 30 people. The four 4” casters permit easy movement, along with tip and roll storage for easy clean-up.

These bleachers are packed with features that will suit every sports fan’s needs, from soccer to track and field.

Advantages of the Preferred 3-Row Bleachers:

  • Its 100% welded aluminum angle frame construction ensure durability.
  • The powder coating resists color fading.
  • 3-rows are perfect for auxiliary seating needs.
  • These can easily tip up.
  • Rubber foot pads protect the floor from scratches.
  • High-grade swivel casters make them simple and easy to transport and store.
  • The 3 rows allow up to 30 spectators at a time.
  • These allow a large capacity with reasonable price.
  • They come with a 5 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

To be honest, aside from the sticker price, there are few downsides to the Preferred Bleacher 3-rows. Thinking long-term, however, they are an investment since replacing them won’t be necessary for many, many years. Looking at sheer nature of the construction of this bleacher alone, you’re going to be impressed with how these bleachers are several steps above the rest. Obviously, the Preferred 3-Row bleacher is one of the best bleachers on the market.


  • Powder coated
  • Large capacity
  • Good warranty
  • Quality Construction


  • Price on the higher end of the spectrum

3. Sport Supply Group 3-Row Preferred Tip-N-Roll Bleacher

Sport Supply Group 3 RowThe Sport Supply Group 3-row Preferred Tip-N-Roll bleachers incorporate double foot boards on all rows for safety and stability. The preferred Tip-N-Roll portable 3-rows bleachers are ideal for many auxiliary seating needs. This unit effectively tips up on its casters so once you need it out of the way, you can simply tip it back, and roll it to storage or its next sporting event. The frames of these bleachers are made with 100% welded aluminum angle and the seat planks are anodized.

The swivel casters have scored high in reviews due to the elastic foot cushions that won’t damage floors. Because all flooring materials are different, please check your building's maintenance guidelines.

Please note that these lightweight units are effortlessly tipped up for movement, but should only be operated by a qualified adult. If they are used outside, use extreme care when tipping them up in windy conditions. Several adults might be required to control the unit.

The first row of the Sport Supply Group 3-row Preferred Tip-N-Roll has a height of 12”, making the guard rail unnecessary. Some other dimensions are a 14’ length x 56’ depth x 36’ height. The footboard and seat plank are 10” wide. It has four 4” casters for easy transportation and a weight of 300 lbs. You’re also getting a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The Sport Supply Group 3-row Preferred Tip-N-Roll has the capacity to seat around 15 to 20 people.

Aside from these remarkable features, this set of bleachers is also one of the more affordable bleacher on the market. The manufacturer was somehow able to bring you a top-notch product for a lower price. This makes it a wonderful investment.

Advantages of the Sport Supply Group 3-row Preferred Tip-N-Roll Bleachers:

  • They incorporate double foot boards on every level for increased safety.
  • These bleachers are ideal when extra seating is needed with very little set-up time.
  • This unit effortlessly tips up on its casters for easy storage.
  • The construction ensures durability with 100% welded aluminum angle frames.
  • High quality swivel casters with elastic foot cushions won’t damage surfaces.
  • These bleachers meet the standards of both NFPA and the Consumer Products Safety Commission.
  • Standard models of these bleachers have a single foot board.

With so many features to offer at such a notable value, one might wonder if the bleachers meet their high expectations. Granted, they may not have every available option when compared to other higher priced models, but these bleachers are all you need if you’re looking for a solid investment that gets the job done. The price won’t break your budget and fans will be cheering from these bleachers for years to come.


  • NFPA and Consumer Products Safety Commission approved
  • Double foot boards
  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • 100% welded aluminum angle frames


  • May require multiple helpers in transporting
  • Lower capacity

4. Tip N’ Roll Portable Indoor/Outdoor Bleachers 4-Rows

Tip N' Roll PortableWhen your space requires flexibility, you won’t worry about sharing it with that “other” sport with the convenient, 7′ 6″ Tip N’ Roll Portable Indoor/Outdoor 4-Row Bleachers. They are the answer to all your seating needs. Just wheel these lightweight aluminum stands where you need them, and tip them down for instant seating. When you require more space in the gym, just tip them back and wheel them out of your way. These impressive bleachers provide convenient seating in school gyms, yet disappear easily when the next event begins or more seating is needed in a different area of your gym or field.

The elastic foot cushions on the 7′ 6″ Tip N’ Roll Portable Indoor/Outdoor 4-Row make them so versatile that they can work on any surface from carpets to hardwood gym floors, without worrying about damage. These lightweight aluminum bleachers can tip smoothly on their swivel casters for movement, while caster brakes keep the unit stationery when engaged. The unique framework adds strength to the unit while being transported, and every Tip and Roll unit fits through a standard single entryway.

The Tip N’ Roll Portable Indoor/Outdoor 4-Row Bleachers have a height of 7’6”, a footboard and seat plank width of 10” and are equipped with four 4” casters. They also come with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The capacity is around 10 to 15 individuals.

Advantages of the 7’6” Tip N’ Roll Portable Indoor/Outdoor 4-Row Bleachers:

  • These are portable bleachers that can be utilized in various locations for different events.
  • They allow for seating upon request.
  • They fit through a standard single entryway and do not need a guardrail because of its decreased seat height.
  • These bleachers have rubber foot pads and won’t scratch or harm the floor.
  • They have swivel casters to roll the bleachers when needed.
  • The construction is of welded aluminum for extra support and quality.
  • End caps are constructed of die cut aluminum strips that are hole-punched for screws.
  • All bleachers are come with a 1 Year limited warranty.

For those wondering if these bleachers are an improvement from past models, it is difficult to indicate for sure. It might have a few less added features than other models, but I don’t think you’ll miss them.



  • Easy to transport
  • Rubber foot pads
  • Swivel casters


  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Single foot planks

5. Preferred Mobile Bleacher 4-Rows

Preferred Bleacher 4 RowsPreferred Mobile 4-Row Bleachers are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

If you are looking for bleachers designed with both safety and durability in mind, these frames are structured with 100% welded aluminum angle and always have double foot planks. Another safety feature is the addition of end caps so sharp edges are a problem of the past. Don’t forget the guardrails and riser boards, along with the chain-link fencing made of 9-guage steel. To make them last, they will come with anodized aluminum seat planks that are 10” long along with footboards of the same size. As this company has revolutionized, the casters and rubber pads to make them highly portable and the pads protect flooring from dents and scrapes. The unit weighs about 460 lbs. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Preferred Mobile 4-Row Bleachers have a large seating capacity of up to 40 spectators. They work well on both flat, hard ground surfaces and lush, grassy grounds.

The design and quality aluminum structure of the Preferred Mobile 4-Row Bleachers offers durability with little maintenance for years to come. The standard starter bundle has all you need to get started.

Advantages of the Preferred Mobile 4-Row Bleachers:

  • Its construction ensures durability and quality.
  • The design and height ensure fans can watch games with clear visibility.
  • Thick aluminum walls promote durability and flexibility.
  • Individual bleachers can be attached.
  • The powder coating allows rust-resistant color to reduce fading.
  • These can easily tip up to be rolled away.
  • High-grade swivel casters and foot pads are installed to protect from dents and scratches and allow simple transportation.
  • The benches have 4 rows with seating for up to 40 sports fans.
  • Rest easy with a 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Preferred Mobile 4-Row Bleachers may not be the fastest choice, due to their heavier weight, but they are some of the most exceptional bleachers on the market. Taking all the benefits into account, these bleachers are a solid choice for the amount of features you get for the cost. They have a few components that are clearly superior to the others, so you just have to decide if they are worth a little extra cost. I think the fans who sit on them will think so.


  • Powder coated
  • Rubber foot pads
  • Swivel casters
  • Easy to setup
  • Good warranty
  • Many safety features
  • High seat capacity


  • Slightly costly compared to competitors
  • Heavier and larger design

6. 4-Row Standard Bleacher with Chain Link Fencing

4-Row Standard BleacherThe 4-Row Standard Bleachers with Chain Link Fencing are intended to withstand the rigor of years of use even no matter what Mother Nature may throw at them. Each transportable bleacher is fitted with supports and extra cross propping for reinforcement. They are accessible with electrified steel or aluminum outlines, and incorporate ground ledges.

These 4-Row Standard Bleacher with Chain Link Fencing are commercial grade and are made with 100% aluminum angle instead of galvanized steel. Seat planks of these bleachers are 100% anodized aluminum that are 10” wide and 21’ long. Foot planks are structured with 100% mill finish aluminum that shouldn’t ever need replaced. You’ll really appreciate the end caps as you go to slide on and off the bleachers without scrapes or snagged clothing. They were developed with fiber reinforced polypropylene.

These bleachers also come with pads to protect flooring, allowing use inside or outside. Another great safety feature is the back and side chain link fencing, which is constructed with 9-gauge wire and some of the sturdiest, heavy-duty fence tubing. It is joined to the seat using heavy-duty aluminum point and channel. It is constructed to last by avoiding any mechanical and safety problems.

Advantages of The 4-Row Standard Bleachers with Chain Link Fencing:

  • The chain link fence and guard rail protects spectators in the upper rows.
  • They feature double foot planks on all rows.
  • These bleachers’ frames have 100% welded aluminum angle.
  • The seat planks are made from 10” wide by 21’ long anodized aluminum.
  • The wall thickness of foot and seat planks is .078 for durability and strength.
  • Chain link fencing is 9-gauge steel.
  • These bleachers are accessible in 15’, 21’, and 27’ large models.
  • They come with up to a 5-Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Honestly, aside from the sticker price, there isn’t anything lacking with 4-Row Standard Bleachers with Chain Link Fencing. This is one of the best bleachers on the market.


  • Quality aluminum construction
  • Polypropylene end-caps
  • Safety guard-rail and fence
  • Good warranty
  • Seating for around 56 spectators


  • High ticket-price, but quality assurance

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7. Five-Row Spectator Bleachers with Steel Frames and Railing

Five-Row Spectator BleachersThere are so many components to consider while selecting the best outdoor seating solution for your sporting events. 5-Row Spectator Bleachers with Steel Frames and Railing boast a strong welded steel structure that after manufacturing, are hot dipped galvanized. When compared to obsolete wooden bleachers of the past, these bleachers will guarantee a lower operational cost to your organization, just through their lack of upkeep alone. Seat planks are 2’ x 10’ anodized steel and double floorboards are a 2’ x 10’ mill finish.

Local codes for guardrails can vary from place to place, and may be required for structures over 30” from the ground. Please check building codes to ensure your organization is compliant. Normal guardrails are made from vertical ½” rod welded to 1 5/8” rails on top and bottom, which prevent anything with a diameter larger than 4” from passing through.

Galvanizing steel is a metallurgical bonding process which gives a more drawn out life cycle of the bleacher than painted steel. Furthermore, scratches on the painted steel require frequent touch-ups, while aroused steel is grating and self-recuperating. To impress, ensure a long life, and avoid costly repairs and upkeep, we recommend galvanized steel.

5-Row Spectator Bleachers with Steel Frames and Railing have a length 21’ for the first row. They have 2” x 10” footboards and seat planks. They come equipped with four 6” casters to easily move these heavy but sturdy bleachers. They also come with 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and seat crowds of anywhere from 30 to 100. The four 6” casters permit you to simply and easily move the bleachers when needed.

Some advantages of the 5-Row Spectator Bleachers with Steel Frames and Railing

  • A chain link guardrail is included with these models.
  • These are made to resist wind load.
  • All these bleachers are covered by a 1-year warranty.
  • Bleachers with “DF” models include a double foot plank.
  • The structure of these bleachers is composed of welded steel angle for high quality and strong support.
  • These bleachers are great for stadiums, sports fields, and amphitheaters.
  • An optional handrail is available with these bleachers.

If you add all these features together, you’re coming out ahead with an investment in quality equipment that will keep fans coming back game after game.


  • Steel frames
  • Guard rails
  • Polypropylene end caps
  • Seating for around 100 fans
  • Warranty


  • Higher-end ticket price, but quality assurance

8. Portable Bench with Back 21 fit

Portable BenchThis 21-foot Portable Bench with a Back is a player’s style bench. It is perfect for professionally lining up your winning team, while they take a much-needed break from the action. It is excellent for stadiums, parks, and schools. It is structured with heavy duty anodized aluminum planks and a 2” schedule 40 steel pipe 2-3/8” galvanized frame.

This heavy duty, low-maintenance bench provides seating for individuals, fans, and players. It is very long, versatile, and portable. Its seats and back are 10-inch wide anodized aluminum planks. The frame is constructed with 2.38” heavy gauge galvanized steel for extra support and a long life.

Some advantages of the 21-foot Portable Bench with a Back:

  • This bench is available in any color such as navy blue, royal blue, scarlet red, etc.
  • It is excellent for all gatherings.
  • It is perfect for dugouts and is designed for portability or permanent installation.
  • Structured with 10” wide powder-coated planks.
  • These seats are designed to provide utmost durability, comfort, and flexibility.
  • The anodized aluminum protects the clothes from color smudges.
  • It is constructed with a ribbed, no-slip surface.
  • It is 100% aluminum.
  • It will not scratch floors.
  • It can be used for both outdoor and indoor seating.


  • Anodized aluminum
  • Powder-coated planks
  • No-slip surface


  • Not ideal for transporting, no wheels

9. 15′ Mobile Player’s Bench with Shelf

SSG BSN 15' portable bleacherWhether coaching, watching, or playing in a game or match, you have likely invested plenty of money in your sporting equipment. So throwing it on the dirty ground to be kicked, stepped on, or broken just isn’t an option. Here is a way to protect and organize your equipment such as hats, helmets, shirts, water bottles, etc. This player’s bench with a shelf is made the same way as the previously mentioned portable bench with a back. It is structured with heavy-duty anodized aluminum planks and a 2” schedule 40 steel pipe 2-3/8” galvanized frame. It is 15’ in length.

This bench is also very versatile and portable. Its seats and back are built with 10” wide, anodized aluminum planks, and the frame constructed with 2.38 inch heavy gauge galvanized steel. It is constructed with 18” anodized aluminum portable shelf. This shelf can be removed from the bench and reconnected. These benches with shelves are available in various colors like navy, royal blue, forest green, and scarlet red. It is also handy for stowing bags, water bottles, and other equipment. It is designed with the idea of portability and can be installed temporarily or permanently. There is also a steel version on the  market.

Advantages of the Players’ Bench with a Shelf:

  • It is highly portable and flexible.
  • It is 100% aluminum.
  • It has high durability and a longer life.
  • The 20” shelf is available in aluminum or steel.
  • This store-all players bench features a real shelf to stow and organize any equipment off the ground.
  • It comes with 10” powder-coated planks.
  • It is dent resistant and prevents floors from scratching.
  • It is specially designed to be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It can be installed temporarily or permanently.
  • It comes up with 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It features quick, easy, and simple installation and requires no assembly.
  • It has fold-up, compact bench.
  • Customers can opt for mesh windows which are great for ventilation and water drainage.


  • Anodized aluminum
  • Galvanized frame
  • Powder coated
  • Shelf support on rear
  • Great warranty


  • No wheels, hard to transport
  • Heavy

10. 3-Row Aluminum Portable Bleachers

Salsbury Industries portable bleachers

A small crowd can be just as mighty as a large one. Weather you put these fans indoors or out, they can embarrass their children all they want in this quality bleacher. It is joined with aluminum anodized seat planks and complete footboards for safe jumping and cheering. The 3-row aluminum bleachers system is made with high quality, anodized aluminum, welded joint frames, and hot dipped galvanized hardware that will maintain its appearance for many years. The frame of the 3-row bleachers is equipped with swivel casters to make them highly portable. The rubber pads shield your flooring from dents and scrapes.

These 3-row bleachers are 2’6” tall.  They are 15’ wide x 6’7” deep. The footboard and seat plank are 10” wide and the whole unit weighs of 345 lbs. These aluminum bleachers have the capacity to seat up to 30 sports fans. The 3-row powder-covered aluminum understructure offers great quality, durability, and life-expectancy.

Advantages of 3-row Portable Bleachers:

  • These 3-row bleachers are aluminum, which offers strength and heavy-duty resilience.
  • The high quality anodized aluminum maintains its appearance and high quality for years.
  • The 10” plank seat boards are anodized for additional aluminum protection.
  • Seat plank covering also reflects heat and daylight which keeps the temperature of bleachers reliable.
  • These bleachers permit the seat boards and foot boards to be attached or removed effectively and without tools or apparatuses.
  • The wheel system increases portability of these bleachers.
  • They have a 5-year of warranty.


  • Anodized aluminum
  • Powder-coated
  • 35-indivdual capacity
  • Large footboards


  • No guard-rails
  • Can be difficult to transport