Best Aggressive Inline Skates 2021 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Aggressive inline skating, also popularly known as rolling, freestyle rolling, rollerblading, or skating, is a type of sport that involves cool tricks that are applied on streets or skater parks. Its specialty is that it allows a rider to perform complex tricks. A lot of teenagers or youngsters involve themselves in this skating sport. There are two types of skates that we generally see the performers using: normal inline skates and aggressive inline skates. Inline skates have 2 or 5 wheels in a single line and are usually called as the substitute of ice skates. This kind of skate has a rubber stop and brake block that is attached to it. On the other hand, aggressive inline skates have relatively small and precise wheels against the conventional inline skates. This small wheel allows us to glide well in any obstacles and help in jumping the taller heights with ease. Thus, the aggressive inline skates win the preference level against the normal inline skates due to its tenacity and much more bold structure. Usually, these aggressive inline skates are for those skating performers who put a lot of stress on their skates due to the complex stunts they perform. Let’s look at a few of the top aggressive inline skates in our latest review.

The Top 5 Aggressive Inline Skates

1. K2 Men’s Uptown Inline Skate

K2 Skate Men’s Uptown Inline Skate, Black Purple, 5Features and Specifications:

  • This K2 Skate Men’s Uptown Inline Skate comes with an aggressive cuff as the skating performers need high-performance cuff for utmost flexibility and hardness.
  • It has a conventional lace system with a customization option available so that the laces can be of your comforting choice.
  • This skate has a 243mm aluminum frame for strong support.
  • It has 80mm 85a wheels for problem-free and low impact landing.
  • It also has Ilq 7 bearings or latches.
  • Item Package Dimension of this product is 20.47×14.17×5.71 inches and Package Weight is around 4.08 kilograms.
  • K2 Skate is the Brand name and the Manufacturer’s name is K2 Sports (Inline Skates).
  • The model year of this product is 2018.
  • MRF Part number is I180202501 and the ASIN number is B0789KYDMN.
  • There is only one color for this product: BLACK_PURPLE.
  • It has an ample number of size options with US, UK, EU measurements converted in centimeters.


  • This product has a smart and stylish outlook that easily attracts buyers.
  • The product has removable brakes. They can be removed when any malfunctioning occurs.
  • It is equipped with a Universal Frame System or UFS mounting system.


  • You do not get ample color options in this product.
  • It may not be a sufficient choice for professional skaters. The reason behind this is, it is not equipped with unique professional skating features.

2. K2 Unnatural Inline Skates

K2 Skate Unnatural Inline Skates, Size 7, Black/Black/GoldFeatures and Specifications:

  • Along with great soothing looks, this K2 Skate Unnatural Inline Skates comes with a larger wheel configuration around 60mm providing more speed and smooth skating.
  • It has UFS granted H block frame, rocker able frame spacers, and high collar soft boot liners.
  • The material of the soleplate area is Teflon.
  • This skate has a traditional lacing system that can be customized, aggressive cuff with large gaps, boot tricks, and slides.
  • Wheel durometer 88A with aggressive frame.
  • The bearing type of this product is ABEC 5.
  • The product’s Exterior and Outsole is made up of Performance Composite material.
  • Bearing grade of this product is recreational.
  • These K2 Unnatural skates are equipped with Straight Wheel setup and Shock absorber to help in smooth landing and minimum impact on feet.
  • There is only one color available for this skate type, classic Black Black Gold color.
  • Item Package Dimension of this product is 19.02×12.99×5 inches and Package Weight is around 3.92 kilograms.
  • Product ID: 456760.
  • The model number is I1702.
  • K2 Skate is the Brand name and the Manufacturer’s name is K2 Sports (Inline Skates).
  • The model year of this product is 2017.
  • MRF Part number is I170202601025 and the ASIN number is B01M8LPMXL.


  • These are well-acclaimed high-performance skates.
  • Durable Teflon material is used in this product.
  • This product has a good number of size options. Customers can easily choose it from the size chart available on the features list.


  • Reportedly, this product does not have any brakes.
  • In this product, there are not many color options that can be provided to the customers.

3. Razors Genesys G11 Aggressive Skates

Razors Genesys G11 Aggressive SkatesFeatures and Specifications:

  • Being sturdy, supportive, and flexible, these Razors Genesys G11 skates provide us with changeable grinds, soul frame, and backslide plate for providing strength, flexibility, and strong support to the skates.
  • Since its birth, these skates have undergone so many look changes and color changes and have finally halted at the all-time favorite and classic black-and-white color.
  • It has GC feather-lite (GC FLT3) frames which are easily replaceable.
  • It has comfy razors liners and thick padding around Genesys liners for keeping it comfortable to the skaters.
  • This product consists of a heel pad of 42mm and an anti-rocker wheel for proper support.
  • The size chart option is great with UK, US, and EU measurements that are converted in centimeters.
  • It has Razors tool ABEC 5 bearings and an in-line backslide plate groove.
  • The wheel configuration and size is 56mm/90A for these skates.
  • Item Package Dimension of this product is 20×17×5 inches and the package weight is 5.44 kilograms.
  • This product is both branded and manufactured by the Razors company.
  • The ASIN number of this product is B00X17DJ5K.


  • It is quite classy in outlook.
  • These are comfortable skates for greater performance.
  • A good size chart option is available with proper measurements.


  • Sadly, not many color options are available for this product.

4. Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skates

Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive SkatesFeatures and Specifications:

  • This Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skate comes with Flexi strong support for the performers.
  • It has a ground plate to provide fine grinding on the boot.
  • The product’s wheel configuration and size are around 60mm/90A.
  • The size chart for this stake is not like a regular size chart. Unlike other charts measuring in centimeters, this measurement is done in millimeters.
  • ze / Sole Length (mm) / foot length (mm)
  • -38 / 240 / 234-242
  • -40 / 253 / 234-242
  • -42 / 266 / 247-255
  • -44 / 280 / 260-268
  • -46 / 294 / 288-296
  • It has Flying Eagle tool ABEC 7 bearings.
  • The brand name and manufacturer name of this product is Flying Eagle.
  • Item Package Dimension of this product is 19×13.5×5 inches and the Package Weight of the product is 4.08 kilograms.
  • Part Number of this product is 6936335108385.
  • The ASIN number of this product is B07MTHL682.
  • Black is the only color that is available for this product.


  • It is quite modern and stylish in outlook.
  • Comprises of feather-lite frames for putting minimum weight on the skates.


  • The color option is not available for the buyers. There is only one default color option.
  • One must follow the size chart well, as it is different from the other skater size charts. It is measured in millimeters.

5. Men’s M12 UFS Aggressive Street Italian Inline Skates

Men’s M12 UFS Aggressive Street Italian Inline Skates, Black 101183000081Features and Specifications:

  • Designed in Italy, the Roces is acclaimed as the oldest company to create inline skates. It is manufactured by China. Roces reflect a great deal of technology, quality, performance, and ergonomics through its invention.
  • This Men’s M12 UFS S670-5-BLK comes with High-grade polyurethane HGPU Shell for protecting the feet of the performer.
  • The boot is highly padded with Slo-memory foam liners.
  • It has an aluminum buckle for adjusting the straps, flexible laces, proper fitting special aggro-grab strap, and shock absorbing insole to put minimum landing impact on the foot.
  • These are specially designed footbed by Roces for street skating. These skates come with two outer wheels of 56mm/88 A configuration and size and 2 inner wheels for grinding purpose.
  • It has ABEC 5 bearings with aluminum spacers.
  • The frame or the solid chassis of the wheels are made up of Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon.


  • Absolute comfy skaters for relatively greater execution.
  • High-performance skating experience guaranteed by Roces.
  • Size chart options offered for convenience.


  • The color option is not available for this product. It has only one default color option.


The aggressive inline skates are for those who love stunts and skating tricks. It is recommended to the buyers to check the specifications and features of a product before buying it. Aggressive inline skates are for high-performance stunts and these products will live up to the expectations of the performers very well. A few bumpers like default color, no brake availability should be checked before choosing the best one.

A classic or conventional skate consists of these general parts which can be replaced individually if worn out:

  • Cuff: cuff is provided for supporting the ankle of the performer. It has flexible straps.
  • Shell: a high-performance plastic boot for protecting the feet of the performer.
  • Liner: comfy inner boot
  • Buckle: cuff with the latch system.
  • Shock absorber: comfy resin bed under the liners for smooth landing without having any impact on the feet of the performer.
  • Soul plate: straight solid plastic plate bedding the outer sole of the boot. It can be changeable too.
  • Negative soul plate: straight solid plastic plate bedding the inner sole of the boot.
  • Frame: solid plastic chassis for the wheels of the skate. UFS or Universal Frame System is applied to all modern skates.
  • Backslide plate: the area horizontally attached to the soul plate almost in the midsection of the boot for grinding on the boot.
  • H block: the space between the inner wheels to provide a grip during obstacles or any kind of crushing.
  • Wheels: either two or four wheels of polyurethane material with proper locks.
  • Anti-rocker wheels: two inner plastic wheels of smaller width. Solid urethane placed at the mid-frame to make the grinds smooth on broad surfaces.


If we further talk about frames, we can say that there are three modern frames that are manufactured nowadays: flat, anti-rocker, and freestyle. Generally, flat frames have four wheels in a single skate, where two large wheels are placed on the outer side of the skate and two small wheels on the inner side. This kind of setup is also known as Hi-Lo setup. This kind of setup makes grinding a much easier task. The anti-rocker frame is the most popular setup until now. The freestyle frame has no inner wheels but only two big outer wheels, which in turn creates an empty space in the middle of the skate. The Universal Frame System or UFS was introduced in the late 90s by frame manufacturers to add customization options for the buyers. The aggressive skate wheel’s hardness is somewhere between 54-72 mm whereas anti-rocker lies somewhere between 40-47 mm.

There are different types of aggressive inline skating such as Street skating (which is also known as freestyle skating for everyday fun in parks, ramps or ledges), Park skating (where stunts are performed in private or small community skateparks), Vert skating (works on the principle of inline skating which is performed on a vert ramp consisting of air stunts, rotations, grind tricks and another complex skating. Some of the renowned Vert skaters are Yasutoko brothers, Taig Khris.

There are different aggressive inline skates that buyers can see before buying the best one.

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