Best SlideBoard Booties – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best SlideBoard Booties 2021

A slide board can be used for carrying out certain exercises to keep your body fit and strong. But sometimes you may notice that with your regular exercising shoes it becomes a bit difficult to slide effortlessly. To make these slide board exercises smooth and consistent, you can wear the slide board booties or shoes that are specially designed for wearing while performing slide board exercises. The material used for making these booties are generally of nylon material. They are stitched manually and not by any sewing machine. Some of its advantages include: speeding up the exercises, providing proper grip, providing consistency and support in the slide board, effortless gliding from one end to another. The top of the slide board booties is made of elastic to make sure that the booties stay perfectly in your feet. It has different size chart numbers for males and females and usually comes in different sizes (for all), Medium, Small, and Large.

To start on with your daily exercise regime, you will need to put on the slide board booties over your regular exercise shoes. Some manufacturing companies, however, mention the type of exercise shoes that will go complimenting with their company’s slide board booties. It is always better if you get started in a pushup position, where your hands will be on both the slide board bumper and your feet on the slide board. Make sure that your body is straight so that it can trigger the abdomen muscles and core muscles within a few reps. Then you can move on to other exercises like side-to-side slide exercise, skater slide exercise, slide board lunges, slide board plank, and slide board hamstrings. There are a few slide board booties that you can check out before buying that best one for you.


1. Pro Slide Booties (LARGE)

Pro Slide Booties (LARGE)Features and Specifications:

  • This Pro Slide Booties (LARGE) are for those slide boards that are stiff and hard-line in texture.
  • The material that is used here is 400 denier nylon.
  • It is hand-stitched and not sewed in any machine.
  • It is for shoe sizes 8-12.
  • These booties should be worn over the athletic cross-training shoes for maximum benefit in providing grip with the slide board.
  • This package includes a single pair of Pro Slide Booties (LARGE).
  • The manufacturer of this product is Pro Slideboard.
  • The ASIN number of this product is B001DEQTE8.


  • It is very durable.
  • It is slippery which ease in sliding and you can perform the exercises smoothly.
  • There is no compromise regarding its quality. It is great in its quality.


  • It is only available in black color.
  • Though it says that these booties fit in shoe sizes 8-12, but if your shoe size is more than 10 then you should order an extra-large size bootie to fit your overall feet without any difficulty.

2. Proguard Replacement Booties For Slide Board

Proguard Replacement Booties For Slide BoardFeatures and Specifications:

  • This Proguard Replacement Booties grants for an effortless progression and finishing when you are sliding from one end of the slide board to another (while doing the side-to-side slide exercise).
  • You have to order a proguard slide board along with these booties as this works best with it and it specially designed for this slide board only.
  • There is only a single size for all buyers.
  • It has a silky smooth surface for easy gliding.
  • It is made up of nylon material.


  • It has good quality to provide its buyers.
  • It has a good slippery surface.


  • It is quite smaller for shoe sizes 8 and above.
  • There is only one color option, that is black.

3. Standard Booties For Premium Slide Board

Standard Booties For Premium Slide BoardFeatures and Specifications:

  • This Standard Booties For Premium Slide Board is made of nylon material.
  • It has a slippery surface that aids in good sliding.
  • This package includes a single pair of booties.
  • Power Systems is both its Brand name and Manufacturer.
  • Mfr Part Number of this packing material is: 1301595 and ASIN number is B001LOMMKK.


  • Quality is quite appreciable.
  • It is durable and stretchy.
  • Sizes get properly fit with the shoes that you wear for exercising.


  • Sadly there is only a black color option available for these booties.

4. Athletic Innovation, Inc. Powerslide Booties

Athletic Innovation, Inc. Powerslide Booties, Small (Men <5 -1/2; Women <7)Features and Specifications:

  • This Athletic Innovation, Inc. Powerslide Booties are made up of coated nylon.
  • This product can be used with its own Powerslide slide board or other sideboards. This is the USP of this product. Usually, we do not come across this feature.
  • This package comes with a single pair of Athletic Innovation, Inc. Powerslide Booties.
  • This pair of booties is specially designed for tennis shoes.
  • It has a safe and smooth texture for easy sliding. Also, it has a proper drag collaborative or synergy for providing an impressive workout session.
  • The manufacturer of this product is Athletic Innovation, Inc., and the size chart is usually Small (for Men <5-1/2; for Women <7).
  • Mfr Part Number of this product is AI-402 and ASIN Number is B000P0ZU6Y.


  • It is sturdy and stretchy.
  • It’s a great quality product.
  • Mentioned sizes make it easier for the buyers to know its fitting chances.


  • Various color options are not available for these booties. Black is the default color option for this product.


Exercises on a slide board become much more easier and effective when you put on your slide board booties. They are made up of nylon which can easily glide with your regular exercising shoes and fits properly. The booties provide a slippery base that will help you to slide from one side to another. Just a few bumpers like the default color option and indefinite size chart of some booties can make you thoughtful for a while. It is always recommended to follow the size chart and ask questions regarding any query before buying them. So, next time you plan to start your fitness regime on a slide board, do not forget to glide onto your best quality slide board booties for a fun-filled and efficient workout session.