Slide Boards for Knee Rehab

Benefits Of A Slide Board For Knee Rehab

Before noting down the exercises for knee rehab, we should look into the benefits that a slide board provides for knee rehab. Some of the proven benefits are:

  • After any knee-related surgeries or replacement, doctors advice to keep some knee exercises in our daily routine. These exercises can help our knee to function properly. A slide board eliminates extra effort in the knee exercises and provides a very normal and relaxing surface for us.
  • The slippery surface also provides ease in doing the exercises without putting any pressure on the knees. Also, the blocks at each end give a grip to regulate our movement as and when required.
  • Slide board also eliminates the discomfort that one might otherwise face in a plain, hard surface.
  • Slide board exercises are clinically proven beneficial in treating PCL, MCL, LCL, meniscus (both medial and lateral), and patellofemoral disorders and ACL recovery.

Slide Boarding Exercises For Knee Rehab

When we are rehabilitating our knee after surgery or injury, we are advised to perform certain beginner exercises that are slow and pain-free, in order to gain back our knee strength get into the normal course of life faster. So, here are some pain-free and easy exercises that you can try on a slide board. They are:

1.      Exercise For Improving Knee Bending

For improving our knee bend, you can try sitting on the slide board, with your operated leg straight out in front. Place a towel underneath your thigh for comfort. Take a strap and loop it around the foot. Then slowly bend your operated knee, using the strap as support, until you feel a stretch over the top of the knee. You can hold it for 5 seconds, then relax and again continue. Do it as per your comfortability.

2.      Exercise For Improving Calf Muscle

After any knee surgery or injury, your calf muscles also get some jerk. You need to improve your calf muscle which in turn will be beneficial for your knees. For this, you need to sit on the slide board, with your operated leg straight out in front. Then loop the strap around the ball of your foot. You can use your hands to hold the strap. Slowly pull on the strap and bring your toes close to your body. There will be a feeling of stretch in your calf. Hold it for 5 seconds and then release. Repeat it as per your endurance.

3.      Exercise For Improving The Strength Of Thigh Muscles

There are two exercises that you can try to improve your thigh muscle strength.

For the first exercise, you need to lie down on the slide board with your operated leg straight out in front. Then slowly you need to bend your knees and pull your toes up. Make sure that you try doing this with one leg each time. If you are pulling your left toe upwards then the right leg should rest. Hold it for 5 seconds and relax. Repeat it as per your comfortability.

For the next one, lie down just like the previous one, but this time place a rolled towel (6 diameters approx.) underneath your knee to balance your thigh muscles. Pull your toes up, lift your heels off the slide board making sure that the knees and thigh remains supported on the roll. Hold the position for 5 seconds and relax. Repeat it as per your endurance.

Please keep in mind that if you feel any discomfort while doing any of the exercises, do not perform them. And before taking up these exercises as your daily fitness routine, kindly consult your physician or therapist.


The board is comfortable for patients who underwent knee surgery or replacement. Also, people with knee injuries can use professional slide boards for curing their injury. It is quite difficult for these people to sit or get up from a hard surface. It creates a jerk on their knees and pressures the joints. The smooth and slippery surface of the slide board provides them with ease and comfort and exercising on them gives better results.