Slide Boarding for Beginners


Slide boards can be delineated as a rectangular box-like structures, with a slippery surface (made of plastic) and each end guarded by a block to provide a grip for stopping. Its length is usually of 6 to 10ft with a width of 24”. Generally, a slide board is 1/8th – ½” thick depending upon the price and size of it. Slide boarding has huge medical benefits and well as fitness benefits. There are a few points that beginners must tally before using it.

Key Points To Remember

  • Firstly you need to question yourself why do you need a sliding board.
  • Then check the benefits of using a sliding board.
  • There are different sizes with specifications and details of using it. Please know the exact size and then purchase it.
  • Do not rush in mastering the art all at once. Take some time and let your body adjust with the sliding board.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Slide Board

These are some of the advantages outlined for the beginners to know:

  • Slide board exercising is proficient enough in hip toning.
  • It is beneficial in improving the gluteal and leg muscles, specifically your inner thigh.
  • You can have a lot of exercising varieties in this slide board without any injury.
  • If you are leaned towards cardio workout but unable to use your body fully, then you might refer to a slide board for this, as it can provide great cardio exercises using your entire body.
  • The slide board is apt for an athlete. Providing running strength, increasing the speed, warming up the body, or even specific skating slide boards, the whole body is beneficial for an athlete without any doubt.
  • Not only athletes, but players, specifically hockey players, cricketers or footballers can use this slide board for the betterment of their stride and knee bend.

Side by side there are some disadvantages as well:

  • Slide board has to be used depending upon the weight you will put in. There are various kinds of slide boards that are One should choose the right size and kind of slide board accordingly.
  • The blocks that are used at the end of the slide board are very atypical in shape. So, you should check the details for your convenience.
  • The slide board width also has variations. If you miss out the right width, you may find it less worthy. So check it before buying.

Slide Board Exercises For Beginners

1.      Side-to-side Slide

This is an easy but effective exercise that you can begin with. You need to slide from left to right and right to left touching the blocks each time. This exercise targets your leg muscles and hip portion.

2.      Skater Slide

This is a bit similar to the previous one. Just you need to swing your arms left and right to intensify your exercise. In this way, your arm muscles are also involved in this exercise.

3.      Lunges

Whether a lateral or reverse lunge, it targets your lower body and helps in muscle toning and excess shedding of fat from your thighs.

4.      Hamstrings With A Slide Board Curl

This exercise also targets your lower body, spine, and hips and strengthens it. It is a bit intensifying exercise, so you need to do it according to your endurance level.

5.      Alternative Sliding Push-up

This exercise targets your arms, chest, shoulders, triceps. One of the core exercises with a considerable amount of energy and endurance.

6.      Slide Board Pike

Pike is a mixture of plank and mountain pose. You start initially with a plank pose, then with the help of the blocks you push yourself up to form a mountain pose. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then repeat the exercise. This a core exercise targeting your belly button, abdomen, pelvis area and shoulder area along with arm muscles and thigh muscles.

7.      Slide Board Plank And Reach

This is also a type of core exercise targeting all your body parts and muscles. Start by being in the plank position. Take the two blocks of the slide board in your hands. Now slowly slide your left hand upward, stay, and then come back to the original position. Repeat it with your right hand. Repeat it as per your comfortability.


A slide board effectively eases the workout or exercise session but gives the same result, or sometimes more than the usual techniques. Some points that are necessary for beginners to know, and the simple but worthy exercises they can start with, as outlined in this review.