Slide Board Workout

Try Out These Slide Board Workouts

There are many workout options that you can try with the help of a slide board. Before discussing the types of workouts, let us find out the possible pros and cons of using slide board exercise equipment in your daily routine.

Pros Of A Slide Board

These are some eye-catching benefits of using a slide board for workout purpose:

1.      Weight Loss

Working out on a slide board accelerates burning off unwanted calories without any intense pressure on your body. With some fun and easy workouts, you can burn an ample amount of calories every day.

2.      Improve Body Balance

Slide board helps in improving your body balance. The slippery plastic surface allows you to stretch your body and increase your balancing capability. Those who are dancers, physical trainers or army aspirant, this sliding board can help you achieve your balancing goals very nicely.

3.      Muscle Conditioning

Slide board helps in muscle conditioning as well. Anyone who indulges in sharpening the physical attributes, like, the body and muscle strength, body endurance, toning of the muscles can try working out on a slide board.

4.      Doctoring Endurance

Working out on a slide board helps in increasing your endurance level. We indulge in activities like walking, jogging, swimming, and biking to accelerate our breathing and heart rate. You can simply have a workout session without much intensity to keep your heart, lungs, circulatory system healthy and achieve overall fitness.

5.      Improving Joint Strength

Many a time we see that working out results in joint pain and injuries. This is because of our weak joint. Slide board workouts help in building a strong joint and lessen the risk of joint injuries. It's easy and slippery surface allows to stretch your body without any jerking or difficulty.

Cons Of A Slide Board

1.      Be Aware Of Its Slippery Surface

Though its slippery surface makes the work out session much easier, you should not put a lot of strength or hurry in adapting its features. Take a bit of time and slowly progress your daily regime.

2.      Buy According To Its Weight Capacity

Slide board has to be used depending upon the weight you will put in. There are various kinds of slide boards that are available. One should choose the right size and kind of slide board accordingly.

3.      Be Careful With The Blocks

The blocks that are used at the end of the slide board are very atypical in shape. So, you should check the details for your convenience.

4.      Slide Board Width

The slide board width also has variations. If you miss out the right width, you may find it less worthy. So check it before buying.

Types Of Slide Board Workouts

Slide board workouts are for normal people, athletes and all other sportspersons in general. The intensity of the workouts can be from low to high depending on your needs. You know your body best, so choose the workouts that are applicable for you, specifically.

1.      Speed Skater/ Dab Slide Workout

It is similar to skating. You just need to slide from one end to another while swinging your hands to and fro, and stop yourself using the blocks of the slide board. This can improve your hand and leg muscles and provide you with flexibility and balance.

2.      Mountain Climbing Workout

You must have seen mountain climbers climbing the mountain? This is exactly the same workout. You need to lie down and work out as if you are climbing a mountain by holding the blocks and moving your legs as you do while climbing. These slide board exercises promote the enduring level of your body and improves balancing and challenging your body against gravity.

3.      Tantrum Drill Workout

As the name suggests, you need to throw tantrum while drilling. Just like an angry kid, you need to lie down on the slide board, spread your arms along your sides, hold your feet upward towards your butt, and tower your pelvis in the sky. This is a whole body workout.

4.      Gravity Challenged Pull-ups

If you are aware of the pull-up workout, then it's the same thing, but on a slide board and with less intensity. You need to pull yourself against gravity with your legs against the floor, but lying on a slide board. This is again a whole body workout focusing on the stamina and muscle toning part.

5.      Preacher Reverse One Legged-lunges

To do this workout, you need to stand on the slide by holding your hands (prayer position) and take a large step backward with your left foot making your left knee bent at a 90-degree angle and your right thigh parallel to the floor. You have to repeat it with each leg. This helps in stretching, muscle building, strength and balance of the upper body with the lower body.


Working out on a slide board makes it quite easier which is otherwise very energy consuming. All types of people, be it athletes or non-athletes, player or non-player can use a slide board for their daily workout routine.