Slide Board Exercises

Looking for Slide Board Exercises You Can Use Today?

There are many exercises that one can perform with the help of an exercise slide board. Before discussing the types of exercises, let us find out the possible advantages and disadvantages of a slide board.

Advantages Of A Slide Board

One can witness these stupendous benefits by exercises in a slide board. They are:

  • Slide board exercising is proficient enough in hip toning.
  • It is beneficial in improving the gluteal and leg muscles, specifically your inner thigh.
  • You can have a lot of exercising varieties in this slide board without any injury.
  • If you are leaned towards cardio workout but unable to use your body fully, then you might refer to a slide board for this, as it can provide great cardio exercises using your entire body.
  • The slide board is apt for an athlete. Providing running strength, increasing the speed, warming up the body, utilizing the whole body is beneficial for an athlete without any doubt.
  • Not only athletes, but players, specifically hockey players, cricketers or footballers can use this slide board for the betterment of their stride and knee bend.

Disadvantages Of A Slide Board

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Slide board too has some disadvantages that you should be aware of. They are:

  • Slide board has to be used depending upon the weight you will put in. There are various kinds of slide boards that are One should choose the right size and kind of slide board accordingly.
  • The blocks that are used at the end of the slide board are very atypical in shape. So, you should check the details for your convenience.
  • The slide board width also has variations. If you miss out the right width, you may find it less worthy. So check it before buying.

Types Of Slide Board Exercises

Slide board provides you with a great variety of exercising techniques. It can cover up your whole body, your upper body, hip, lower body. In this document, we bring to you some lower body, upper body, core and conditioning exercises for each and every one.

1.      Lower Body Exercises

Lower body exercises target your hips, ankles, leg muscles, thigh muscles, and different leg joints, such as these knee rehab exercises. 3 best lower body exercises are:

  • Slide Board Lateral Lunge
  • Slide Board Reverse Lunge
  • Slide Board Hamstring Curl

2.      Upper Body Exercises

Upper body exercises target your arm muscles, shoulder muscles, ribs, wrist, and the spinal section. There are 3 best upper body exercises are:

  • Slide Board Push Up With Overhead Reach
  • Slide Board Push Up With Lateral Reach
  • Slide Board Spiderman Push Up

3.      Core Exercises

Core exercises generally target the midsection of your body. Muscles of the abdomen, hips, pelvis are toned with these exercises. It is very progressive and dynamic and requires a lot of effort and strength. If you crave for a toned and chiseled body, you can definitely try out these 3 best core exercises:

  • SlideBoard Body Saw
  • Slide Board Side-plank Tucks
  • Slide Board Body Pike

4.      Conditioning Exercises

If you want a perfect hardcore exercising session with high-intensity, power and a lot of sweat, conditioning exercises is the best answer. Pumping up the heart rate, the input of strength and energy, boosting up the physical stamina as well as mental strength is everything it provides. Here are the 2 best conditioning exercises that you can try:

  • Slide Board Lateral Striders
  • Slide Board Mountain Climbers


Today’s generation is very much absorbed in their fitness regime. We are trying to find out some ingenious ways of exercising to advocate your fitness goals. The slide board is one of the best possible equipment when it comes to crafting your fitness needs. Try out these slide board exercises to feel the spirit of growing fit and healthy by including these bottom line exercises.