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When you’re participating in an outdoor recreational activity, you never want to be in a situation where any of your gear fails. It’s important to find the best outdoor sports equipment around to maximize your fun and your safety, whether you’re on land, in the air, or in the sea. Since there are thousands of options for consumers to shop from, reading outdoor sports equipment reviews before you make a purchase is essential.

An outdoor gear review page can help you decide which products might work best for your hobbies and give you different options at different price points. Instead of browsing aimlessly through a sporting goods store, get information from fellow outdoor enthusiasts who have tried these products out themselves. An outdoor equipment review on What Is 180 is a review straight from the most reliable source: users just like yourself looking for the best products around.

We know there are hundreds of sites with outdoor gear reviews, but instead of going through each one or spending hours watching videos, you can visit our neatly organized and easy-to-navigate site to discover products and prices on best-of lists. Looking for the best pair of inline skates for beginners? What about a windsurf harness? We put them all together so you can spend less time searching and more time with your new equipment.

We understand that many of these purchases involve large commitments—recreation equipment can often be a bit pricey. To give you a clearer look at how much these prices may vary, we’ll aggregate the products so you’ll only have to search for them once. You can rest easy knowing you’re getting a great product at the price point you wanted.

When you’re ready to look for outdoor equipment, make sure to check out our review pages to steer yourself in the right direction. You’ll avoid products that simply don’t work as advertised and find the hidden gems that fit right in the range you’re wanting to pay. Identifying the best outdoor sports equipment should be as easy as reading what experienced outdoorsmen and women are saying, and our review lists are just that. Happy shopping!

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Besmall Adjustable Skateboard Skate Helmet with Protective Gear Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Pads for Youth

Skateboard Pads Review

Elbow, knee, and wrists are the three most vulnerable areas in the human body. In the case of most falls, these three parts absorb the shock of the impact and hence are most susceptible to injuries. Skateboard pads protect these three areas and are the holy grail items when it comes to ensuring safety. Some…

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Skateboard Stickers

Stickers are one of the original ways of emphasizing on individuality and customizing the things we love. Skateboard stickers are a unique way to personalize your skateboards for little to nothing. Reviewed below are some of the most colorful and good quality stickers that can amp up your skateboarding experience. 1 Stickers 700 pcs Laptop…

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Skateboard Grip Tapes

Skateboard Grip tapes are rough and grainy sheets with sandpaper-like quality and a sticky underside. Grip tapes are an absolute necessity when it comes to skateboarding for it keeps the skater’s feet from slipping off the deck of the board. Even with high-quality shoes, one cannot forgo the grip tape for without it the chances…

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Kneeboard Racks

A kneeboard rack is also a crucial part of your kneeboard surfing kit. You need carefully select and have your kneeboard rack along with all the other items needed to complete your kneeboarding kit. Here’s a list of a few: 1. Kneeboard Rack For Boat Polished Aluminum Kneeboard Wakeboard Combo Tower Rack, Wakeboarding Rack For Towers,…

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Kneeboard Ropes

Ropes are one of the key components of a kneeboard surfing kit. While kneeboarding or surfing, the rider hangs onto the rope for support. Hence, the rope used has to be of the utmost quality and technique, so as to prevent any sort of accidents from occurring at any time. Here’s a list of some…

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The Perfect Kneeboard Bag

If you are a kneeboard surfer, carrying around your kneeboard is one of your major concerns. Good quality and durable kneeboard bag are one of your top priorities. It’s essential to have a kneeboard bag that doesn’t wear and tear easily, works well for the intended purpose, is stylish and good looking and above all,…

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ATV Rims

ATV Rims are an important addition to the wheels of an ATV vehicle. Increasing your wheel size will decrease the driving force from your wheels which will culminate in a decrease in acceleration of the wheels. So, a car’s engine finds it more difficult to rotate larger wheels, making for a decrease in overall acceleration…

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What is Bleacher Seating? Bleachers are basically elevated and layered rows of benches or stands that are most commonly found in sports stadiums and halls. It is usually occupied by fans, coaches or friends and parents to view and enjoy some ongoing sports event. Bleachers can vary in structure from being simple to elaborate with…

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How to Ride a Skateboard

Skateboarding is one of the most iconic and popular street sports which has gone on to inspire generations of youngsters and left its decipherable mark on movies and music as well. Mastering the art of skateboarding takes time and will, beginners might find themselves getting demotivated if they do not follow the correct tips and…

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How to Kneeboard Surf

Initiating originally from the surfing community of Southern California, Kneeboard surfing is a water sport which is a culmination of the excitement of water skiing and the high rush of surfing. Staring as an alternative to the conventional stand-up surfing, kneeboarding also know as kneeboard surf or knee-riding,  with time evolved through the years into…

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How to Use an Electric Trolling Motor

One of the most important equipment that can be installed on your fishing boat is an electric trolling motor. A trolling motor contains a propeller, controls and an electric motor. This self contained-unit is attached to either the stern or the bow of a boat. It helps the angler to catch more fish by bringing…

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Awesome ATV Tracks

All-terrain vehicles or ATV’s, are also known as a quad, three-wheeler, four-track, four-wheeler, or quadricycle. This is defined as a vehicle that runs on low-pressure tires, with the only primary seat for the operator, along with handlebars for control steering. As implied by the name, the ATV tracks are sketched with a range of geographical…

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