Online DJ Mixer Board

A Brief Introduction

A DJ Mixer Board is a type of audio mixing console that allows you to mix together two or more tracks, creating your own unique DJ mix in the process. These are used by DJs professionally in order to transition between multiple tracks, innovate, create loops or scratches and much more.

However, a DJ Mixer Board online allows you to experience the potentials of track mixing and experiment online using an electronic version of the actual DJ Mixer Board! For instance, there is such a free online DJ Mixer app available and hosted by YouTube. It’s called YouTube DJ and was developed by Roman Malnoult.

Advantages of a DJ Mixer Board Online

Here are some of the plus points of having an online application that allows you to use the best DJ Mixers without actually using one.

  • Allows for Innovation – An online DJ Mixer like YouTube DJ allows you to swap between dozens of browser tabs, smoothly segueing from One teach to the other. It also allows you to mix two tracks, play them simultaneously, manipulate the speed at which they play and direct the focus from one track to the other using a crossfader. The individual tracks can also be tweaked to create internal loops, scratches and more.
  • Increases Accessibility – One major plus point of transposing the DJ Mixer online is that it makes the basic technology with its creative potential access to many more people internationally. Malnoult, the founder of the YouTube DJ app, said that the main purpose of it was to demystify the art of DJing by allowing people to understand what it is all about through the access to a firsthand experience of the same.
  • Pocket-Friendly – Also, an Online DJ Mixer Board is usually free to use, thereby making it possible for a lot of people to sample the feel of DJ Mixing as the specialized equipment required for the same in reality is usually quite expensive. The YouTube DJ Mixer Board online, for instance, provides almost all of the features of a basic 2 channel DJ Mixer to any user, for free. This allows you to try out the features on offer, experiment and create unique mixes and according to Malnoult actually encourages serious enthusiasts to identify their interest areas and invest in quality DJ Mixing equipment later on.

Disadvantages of a DJ Mixer Board Online

As most innovations have their pros, so do they have their cons. Here are a couple of potential disadvantages of the DJ Mixer online board.

  • Truncated Features: Any DJ Mixer that is available online usually provide users with only the most basic features of operation, which means that the scope for creating mixes and mashups is curtailed RI an extent, as is that of innovation. The DJ Mixer for instance usually has a variety of features allowing the manipulation of individual tracks on individual channels as well as the seamless controlling of simultaneous channels using a crossfader and EQ. However, its online counterpart will only have simplified versions of these controls, allowing for basic track adjustment and mixing only.
  • Oversimplification of the Process: This is an interesting angle for, in some cases, the oversimplified nature of the e-version can actually make it more difficult for you to learn the process of DJ mixing when dealing with an actual DJ Mixer instead of a virtual one. The basic knobs and controls one gets used to in an online DJ Mixer Board may, in fact, serve to make it difficult for us to understand the intricacies of a more complex and thorough mixing setup such as a 4 channel commercial DJ Mixer.

Summing It Up

Hence, one can conclude that, like any innovation worth it’s salt, the DJ Mixer Board Online also comes with its set of pros and cons. However, on the whole, it is an innovation that enables people to try their hands at the unique art of DJ mixing, popularizing a heretofore niche art.