Office Exercises

Nowadays our daily routine has become very monotonous and sedentary. We spent almost 9.5 hours out of 24 hours just by sitting, and 7.5 hours by sleeping. So, out of 24 hours, we take out hardly 7 hours to do something that involves motion. This pattern of lifestyle has resulted in many diseases and is commonly referred to as a “less healthy lifestyle”. Heart diseases, eye problems, obesity, cardio diseases, diabetes are a direct byproduct. Every 8 out of 10 people is medically unfit and plagued by so many diseases at a very young age. Though this lifestyle pattern is not completely within our control. Our office schedules gives a major setback to our health. So, we will discuss some office exercises which you can try amidst working and results are seriously magical.

Office Exercises

These are some simple exercises that you can try while working and feel a difference soon after. These include on-the-go under desk exercises which do not hamper your work but eliminate your lethargy and back pain, knee pain that is caused by sitting all day without any movement. Also, it will keep your body active and lively throughout the day. They are:

  1. Rubber Neck Exercise: For this, you do not have to get up even! Just drop your right ear down near your right shoulder, without touching the shoulder. Try to hold for a few seconds and repeat for the left side. When you are tired by continuous conferences and typing in your computer, you can just try this out and see the magic.
  2. Reach for the Stars Exercise: Just as you want to reach the fitness you are craving for, similarly twin your fingers and reach up to the sky by looking up at your ceiling. This can promote your blood circulation and relax your arm muscles.
  3. Look Around Exercise: You must have look around yourself quite a number of times to see if anybody is there at your back or not. Who knew that this can also be a type of exercise? Try to turn your head from right to left and vice versa, and look over your shoulder. Hold each pose for a few seconds. It relaxes your neck muscles.
  4. Bobblehead Exercise: To relax your head from those stiffing sensation, try dropping your chin down near your chest and roll your head from side to side very gently.
  5. Shrugs Exercise: Did you ever notice how Punjabis shrug their shoulder while making Bhangra moves? This can be a great shoulder relaxing exercise! Try raising your shoulders up near your ears and stay in this position for a few seconds.
  6. Chest Opener Exercise: We all have master the art of hiding something behind our back. Isn’t it? Try this exercise by sitting with your back straight, bringing your hands behind your back, and pressing your palms firmly. Try holding for a few seconds and then release.
  7.  Knee Hugger Exercise: Just as you hug a kid by bending down, similarly you need to hug your knee, thinking it to be a kid! Bent your right knee and lift it up to a position of hugging it. Then grab it with your arms and pull it closer to your chest. Repeat it with your left knee.
  8.  Reach and Bend Exercise: Just take your left arm over your head and reach out to the right side and try to bend it gently. Repeat with your right hand.
  9.  Knee Press Exercise: This exercise is very helpful for your gluteal muscles. Put your left ankle on your right knee, press the ankle against the left knee for some time. Repeat with your other ankle and knee even and feel the difference.

Under Desk Elliptical Helpful Too?

Besides these on-the-go exercises, you can purchase an under-desk elliptical machine for exercise. It is a small elliptical exercising machine which can easily fit under your desk, as the name implies, and also give you various exercises to try along with your busy working commitments. A simple, less-effort but efficient way of exercising inside your office environment and also the home environment. Keeping this elliptical machine along with you can create a lot of difference in your health.


Make your office hours a bit healthy and less sedentary by keeping these easy and fun-filled exercises and stretches along with an under desk elliptical exercising machine. Boost up your health and exercise daily with these simple tricks.