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It’s never the wrong time to start focusing on your well-being. Whether it’s improving your work-life balance, dieting, or implementing an exercise routine, practicing healthy habits is the best thing you can do for your body and your mind—but where do you start? With the number of fad diets on social media and home workout routines shared on YouTube, it can be overwhelming for newcomers to learn what advice is actually worth following and which equipment is worth buying. We help with the latter by reviewing the best fitness products available online.

One of the most important questions to ask yourself when starting your health and fitness journey is “What sort of equipment will I need?” The answer to this question depends on your individual goals. Identify what you want to achieve with your new exercise routine and how each product or activity can get you there. If you’re interested in strength training, your search might lead you to a home weight set. If you’re more concerned with cardio training, a bike or desk elliptical might work best for your situation. No matter what you’re working into your exercise plan, we’ll show you the best exercise equipment for each task and list the prices as well.

Our fitness and health product reviews aren’t limited to workout equipment. There are other hygiene items and practices that can greatly benefit your life. The world of grooming products is vast, and it’s hard to read through the highs and lows of each one in the product review sections. With our buyer’s guides, you can learn everything you need to know about an item's specs, features, and benefits.

Whether you’re looking for the best exercise equipment or grooming tools that will keep you looking and feeling fresh, our review pages will steer you in the right direction. Staying healthy and fit has enormous benefits, and anyone can claim those benefits when they’re ready to put the work in. You just need to know where to look and how to begin. Get started today by checking out our fitness equipment reviews and other buyer’s guides below

Popular Buying Guides

Best Pushup Boards

Best Push-Up Boards From an exercise perspective, the push-up is one of the most efficient movements you can perform. It recruits a wide range of muscle groups, starting with the chest and going on to include the triceps, back, biceps, and shoulders. By utilizing an array of muscles, push-ups encourage the body to circulate more…

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Best Plyometric Boxes

Incorporating plyometric exercise into your workout regimen is a fantastic way to enhance explosivity, develop fast-twitch muscles, and increase strength. Long revered for its positive impact on athletic performance, plyometrics has deservedly gained popularity in the fitness world and can be immensely beneficial to anyone who implements it properly. After reading through this guide, you’ll…

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Best SlideBoard Booties – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best SlideBoard Booties 2021 A slide board can be used for carrying out certain exercises to keep your body fit and strong. But sometimes you may notice that with your regular exercising shoes it becomes a bit difficult to slide effortlessly. To make these slide board exercises smooth and consistent, you can wear the slide…

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underdesk elliptical

Best Under Desk Elliptical 2021 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

It’s no secret that, as a society, we’ve grown more reliant upon our screens for entertainment, news, and work. It’s also no secret that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a variety of health issues, like obesity and depression, just to name a few. On top of that, the landscape for work has changed drastically…

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slide boards

Best Exercise Slide Boards 2021 – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you’re an exercise fanatic, you’re most likely well-versed in dumbbells, barbells, pull-up bars, squat racks, and other common equipment found in most gyms. Any fitness expert will tell you that variety is key when it comes to maintaining a rigorous workout regimen. By incorporating new exercises, you’ll develop your whole neuromuscular system, which will…

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Office Exercises

Nowadays our daily routine has become very monotonous and sedentary. We spent almost 9.5 hours out of 24 hours just by sitting, and 7.5 hours by sleeping. So, out of 24 hours, we take out hardly 7 hours to do something that involves motion. This pattern of lifestyle has resulted in many diseases and is…

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Exercises for Under Desk Ellipticals

Under desk elliptical is a pedal exerciser which is of high quality, generally used for an office environment to keep the employees fit while working. It is named as under-desk because it can fit under the computer or working table and one need not have to put any extra effort into it. It can burn…

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Calories Burned from Desk Ellipticals

The desk-adapted elliptical exercising machine is a pedal exerciser which is of high quality, generally used for an office environment to keep the employees fit while working. It is named as under-desk because it can fit under the computer or working table and one need not have to put any extra effort into it. It…

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Benefits of Office Desk Ellipticals

Under desk elliptical desk is small under the desk-adapted elliptical exercising machine. It is a pedal exerciser which is of high quality, generally used for an office environment to keep the employees fit while working. It is named as under-desk because it can fit under the computer or working table and one need not have…

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Slide Boarding for Beginners

Introduction Slide boards can be delineated as a rectangular box-like structures, with a slippery surface (made of plastic) and each end guarded by a block to provide a grip for stopping. Its length is usually of 6 to 10ft with a width of 24”. Generally, a slide board is 1/8th – ½” thick depending upon…

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Slide Boards for Knee Rehab

Benefits Of A Slide Board For Knee Rehab Before noting down the exercises for knee rehab, we should look into the benefits that a slide board provides for knee rehab. Some of the proven benefits are: After any knee-related surgeries or replacement, doctors advice to keep some knee exercises in our daily routine. These exercises…

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Slide Board Benefits

Read about these Slide Board Benefits Slide boards have some magnificent benefits and working out or exercising on a slide board can ease your work in a better way. Let’s have a look at its benefits: 1.      Weight Loss These quality slide boards help you to shred your excess weight within a stipulated time. We…

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Slide Board Workout

Try Out These Slide Board Workouts There are many workout options that you can try with the help of a slide board. Before discussing the types of workouts, let us find out the possible pros and cons of using slide board exercise equipment in your daily routine. Pros Of A Slide Board These are some…

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Slide Board Exercises

Looking for Slide Board Exercises You Can Use Today? There are many exercises that one can perform with the help of an exercise slide board. Before discussing the types of exercises, let us find out the possible advantages and disadvantages of a slide board. Advantages Of A Slide Board One can witness these stupendous benefits…

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Plyometrics for Beginners

Introduction If you are bored with your regular weight lifting and daily slogging on the elliptical machine, Plyometrics is exactly what you need to add the thrill to your workout routines. The addition of Plyometrics will not only break the monotony of your workout sessions but also enhance it, and you will see the results…

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Plyometric Benefits

What do you mean by Plyometrics? Plyometrics or jump training involves fast and quick movements for maximum force exertion by the muscles. Plyometric exercises have been designed to build speed and strength by engaging the muscles to perform repetitive explosive movements. The primary goal is to reduce the time between eccentric and concentric movements that…

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Plyometric Box Heights

What is Plyometrics? Plyometrics is a training process that was developed by the Soviet Olympians back in the 70s. Plyometric movements involve rapid lengthening and shrinking of the muscles that increase tension in the muscles thus causing the energy stored in the muscles to get released. This, in the long run, shortens response time and…

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Plyo Box Workouts

What are Plyometrics or Plyo Box Workouts? Plyo box workouts or Plyometrics is also known as jump training. The Soviet Olympians brought plyo workouts to the limelight back in 1970 when it became one of the chief elements of the athletes’ workout routines. In this sort of training, the goal is to boost power, stamina,…

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Plyo-Box Exercises

What are Plyo Boxes? Boxes that are used as platforms for plyometric training are called plyo boxes. They come in various heights and sizes. It can be made of metal or wood. Although many people prefer constructing their own plyo boxes because of its simplicity, versatility and since it effectively cuts down the expenses. What…

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