Exercises for Under Desk Ellipticals

Under desk elliptical is a pedal exerciser which is of high quality, generally used for an office environment to keep the employees fit while working. It is named as under-desk because it can fit under the computer or working table and one need not have to put any extra effort into it. It can burn a good amount of calories by sitting in front of a computer desk. All offices should equip this machine for the well-being of the employees. There are some exercises which are suitable for these under-desk elliptical machines, that you can do without much effort or movement.

Why Should One Exercise In This Under Desk Elliptical Machine?

Before knowing about the exercises, we should know the benefits of exercising in an under-desk elliptical exercising machine. They are:

  1. It improves health.
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. Hassle-free assembling of the machine, by just adjusting the pedals with the mainframe.
  4. Keeps you stress-free for all day, even in the most stressful working environment.
  5. Charges up to the blood circulation
  6. Helps in shedding excess body fat.
  7. Best exercising partner for workaholic people.
  8. Can be used in office and home.
  9. Increase your activity level and stamina.
  10. Makes you more energetic
  11. No side-effect
  12. Relieves joint pain
  13. Advanced exercising option for all busy people.

Under Desk Elliptical Exercises

  1. Peddling On-the-go Exercise: Just as you peddle your cycle, you need to peddle on this under desk elliptical machine. This can improve you muscle-building, relieve you from joint pain, keep your knees and ankle working throughout the day. This is the basic and most effective form of exercise that you can start with.
  2. Stepper Exercise: This is an exercise which you can do by either sitting or standing. Sometimes while you work at office while standing, you can do this stepper exercise even then. You just have to step into those steppers alternatively. It is a great way to lose weight and bring a attain body shape. Also, it keeps you overall energetic and lively all day long.
  3.  Pedaling Exercise: This is again a pedaling exercise, but not a cycle pedaling one. You have often used pedal boats and enjoyed boat riding, isn’t it? This is the same kind of exercise. You have to pedal on your under-desk elliptical machine as if you are pedaling a boat. This under desk machine is a bit bigger than the cycle pedal one, and you might have to adjust its position with your desk space. Once it’s done, you can exercise on it easily and comfortably.
  4. Bike Exercise: DeskCycle Under Desk Elliptical machine makes you work out like the kick start you give your bike for starting. This under desk elliptical machine will make your legs to work out just like the way you start your bike or press the lower pedal while driving. This is a total legs workout which is quite intense and you will definitely feel your muscle warm and tight for just working about 4-5 minutes.
  5. Walking Exercise: There are times when you stand continuously and work. This exercise can fit into such a working condition. On your under-desk elliptical machine, you have to stand and press the pedals as if you are walking. It is an artificial walking exercise which can have the same results if you walk actually. In this way, you can walk by actually not walking but still getting impressive results from such walking exercise.


Under the desk, elliptical machines can provide you with some good exercising moves that are beneficial for you.