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the best electric trolling motor brackets

Best Trolling Motor Mounting Brackets

If you take your hobby seriously, no matter what it is, you’ll probably want good equipment to get the job done—but what about the individual parts that make sure the important stuff operates smoothly? In many activities, especially when you’re dealing with vehicles, smaller components can make or break a setup.

In the world of fishing, having a good trolling motor makes for smooth sailing on the water when you’re trying to land the big one. That means having a good trolling motor mount is crucial for making sure your trolling motor not only functions properly but also stays attached to your boat. Check out our list of the best trolling motor brackets below to find an option that’s right for you.

Top 10 Trolling Motor Brackets
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    Motorguide Aluminum Quick-Release Bracket Kit for Electric Trolling Motors

    First up on our list of the best trolling motor mounts is the MotorGuide quick-release bracket kit. Available in both aluminum and composite, this bow-mount trolling motor bracket offers a low-profile design that won’t take up much space on your deck. The full cast aluminum base offers ultimate stability with included stainless steel hardware for easy installation. Designed for demanding anglers seeking exceptional versatility, this trolling motor bracket allows users to quickly attach or remove a bow-mounted trolling motor for storage, maintenance, or security.

    Product Details

    • Low Profile And Small Foot Print Don'T Take Up Much Space On Boat Deck
    • Full Cast Aluminum Base For Ultimate Stability
    • Stainless Steel Hardware Included

    Minn Kota Bracket and Hinge Assembly

    The Minn Kota trolling motor bracket and hinge assembly is another option with a low-profile design. Made from ABS plastic, this sturdy trolling motor mount bracket offers a max transom thickness of 3 inches with a max width (from washer to washer) of 6 inches. Suitable for trolling motors with a round shaft up to 1 ⅛ inches in diameter, this trolling motor bracket is great for lever lock bracket motors such as the Minn Kota Camo, Classic, Endura, and Maxxum.

    Product Details

    • Max Transom Thickness 3"
    • Max Width 6" (From washer to washer)
    • Made From ABS Plastic

    Minn Kota 1840201 MKR-15 Transducer Mounting Kit

    If you’re looking for a no-frills option that will get the job done, Minn Kota’s MKR-15 trolling motor mounting bracket may be the one for you. With a highly adjustable metal ring fitting a variety of motors, the MKR-15 is a trolling motor bracket that’s affordable, versatile, and easy to assemble.

    Product Details

    • Package Dimensions: 7.62 L X 17.526 W X 19.812 H (Centimeters)
    • Package Weight: 0.227 Kilograms

    Minn Kota - 1854023 MKA-23 Composite Quick Release Bracket

    Yet another option on our list of the best trolling motor mounts from Minn Kota is the MKA-23 composite quick-release trolling motor bracket. Its high-yield composite construction makes this low-profile trolling motor mount extra tough, and the quick-release bracket with included mounting hardware means you can quickly and easily remove your trolling motor any time. The locking handle can be secured with a padlock for extra security between outings, making this trolling motor mount a safe, reliable option for any angler.

    Product Details

    • Quick-release bracket with mounting hardware, mounting instructions
    • Low profile design leaves deck clear when the motor is removed
    • Quick easy removal of any maxxum
    • High yield composite construction is super strong

    Pro Controll EZ Mount

    Next up on our list is the Pro Controll EZ Mount trolling motor mounting bracket. This affordable option is packed with features, including a universal mount, quick-release clamp, and zinc-plated stainless steel construction. This trolling motor mount is ready for quick and easy installation on gunnels 3 inches wide or less, and the universal mount attaches to nearly any bow-mounted trolling motor bracket you can think of. Mix those features with the Pro Controll’s sturdy construction and you have a trolling motor mounting bracket that’s ready for anything.

    Product Details

    • QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION ON 3" WIDE OR LESS GUNNEL: The ProControll EZ Mount allows you to connect your transom mount trolling motor on the bow of your jon or utility boat. It’s so simple and quick to install, you’ll be trolling in minutes!
    • PREMIUM FEATURES: EZ Mount has a quick release clamp, 1% draft on the mount so trolling motor won’t slide, large ergonomic knobs for ease of mounting, and fiberglass-reinforced nylon along with stainless steel hardware for strength and long-lasting durability.
    • VERSATILE & ADJUSTABLE: The transom mount U-bracket overlaps a 3" or less bow or gunnel edge, and its adjustable underside exterior bracket can be attached against any contour. The lower bracket is secured on the boat’s outside & screw clamps are tightened on the inside.
    • BUILT TO LAST: The ProControll EZ Mount system is designed to outlast the trolling motor! All metal parts are made of hardened stainless steel or are zinc plated. External parts are made of rust-proof, indestructible fiberglass reinforced nylon.
    • UNIVERSAL MOUNT: The EZ Mount Model# RMIEZ010 is the only universal trolling motor mount that accepts any transom-mount trolling motor. It measures 9.5” L x 6.75” W x 9” H and weighs 6 lbs. It works with 1” to 3” wide top rail.

    Minn Kota 1854054 RTA-54 Riptide Electric Steer Trolling Motor Composite Quick-Release Bracket

    Although it costs a little more than similar trolling motor mounts, the Minn Kota RTA-54 has the simplicity and construction to back up the price. You can easily remove your electric-steer, bow-mounted trolling motor with the quick-release bracket, and you’ll never have to worry about space when your motor is detached with this trolling motor mount’s low-profile design. This trolling motor mount is designed to work best with high-thrust motors and long shaft lengths.

    Product Details

    • Quick removal/ reattachment of trolling motor
    • Low-profile design
    • Composite construction
    • Includes stainless steel mounting hardware and locking pin
    • Designed to work with high thrust motors and long shaft lengths

    Brocraft Deck Mount Trolling Motor Bracket

    Coming up next in our list of the best trolling motor mounting brackets is a universally fitted option from Brocraft. Their deck-mounted trolling motor bracket fits nearly all clamp-on electric trolling motors, and the mount is made of sturdy marine aluminum combined with black nylon plastic. While this trolling motor mount is only meant for electric trolling motors, don’t let that deter you. For lighter applications and smaller motors, the Brocraft trolling motor bracket is a great option.

    Product Details

    • Universal trolling motor bracket for clamp-on type electric trolling motors.
    • Constructed of marine aluminum with black Nylon plastic
    • Designed for motor to be removed when boat is under engine power or being trailered.
    • For electric trolling motors only. Not for outboard engines of any size.
    • Maximum trolling motor thrust of 36 pounds

    Minn Kota 1854060 MKA-32 Ulterra, Terrova, PowerDrive Trolling Motor Quick-Release Bracket

    The folks at Minn Kota aren’t done yet. Their MKA-32 trolling motor mount is another low-profile, quick-release option that allows your trolling motor to be attached and removed incredibly easily. This trolling motor mount features a cam lock to reduce bracket movement and noise, and the composite cover attaches to the lower piece of the trolling motor bracket to keep your deck profile clean when not in use. Compatible with Ulterra, Terrova, PowerDrive, PowerDrive V2, PowerDrive Pontoon, and DeckHand 40 trolling motors, this trolling motor mount may not be universal, but it is reliable and offers high quality.

    Product Details

    • Allows trolling motor to be quickly removed from and reattached to boat deck
    • Cam-lock reduces bracket movement and noise
    • Composite cover (included) attaches to lower piece of bracket when motor is removed to keep deck profile clean
    • Includes stainless steel mounting hardware, lanyard, and locking pin
    • Compatible with Ulterra, Terrova, PowerDrive, PowerDrive V2, PowerDrive Pontoon and DeckHand 40

    U-BCOO Bracket and Hinge Assembly

    Another no-frills trolling motor bracket that won’t break the bank is the U-BCOO bracket and hinge assembly. Designed for electric trolling motors specifically, this mount has a max transom thickness of 3 inches and a max width of 6 inches from washer to washer. Made of high-strength nylon plastic, this trolling motor mount isn’t as durable as its aluminum counterparts, but it can be a great option if you’re looking for a trolling motor mount for a light, electric motor.

    Product Details

    • Max Transom Thickness 3"
    • Max Width 6" (From washer to washer)
    • Made of high strength nylon plastic.
    • For shaft size 1 1/8", Stainless steel hardware.

    Watersnake Trolling Motor Nylon Quick-Release Bracket

    Last but not least in our list of the best trolling motor mounting brackets is the Watersnake nylon quick-release trolling motor bracket. This trolling motor mount allows you to quickly and easily attach or remove your motor with the added versatility of being suitable for standard bow-mounted motors or scissor bow mounts as well. This heavy gauge trolling motor bracket has two strong nylon plates with one attaching to the motor and the other attaching to the craft. You can also attach a padlock for added security when you need to leave your trolling motor on the bracket.

    Product Details

    • QUICK RELEASE: Bracket allows the user to quickly attach or remove a bow mount motor from their boat.
    • COMPATIBILITY: Can be used with either a standard bow mount or a scissor bow mount.
    • FUNCTIONALITY: Heavy gauge bracket has two strong nylon plates that attach to the motor and the other to the craft with the included high-quality stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers and spacers.
    • SECURITY: A padlock can also be attached for additional security.
    • EASE OF USE: Bracket requires minimal deck space and designed for easy storage, removal and attachment.