Calories Burned from Desk Ellipticals

The desk-adapted elliptical exercising machine is a pedal exerciser which is of high quality, generally used for an office environment to keep the employees fit while working. It is named as under-desk because it can fit under the computer or working table and one need not have to put any extra effort into it. It can burn a good amount of calories by sitting in front of a computer desk. All offices should use this machine to enable employees to indulge in quick exercises.

The Under-Desk Elliptical Calories Burned

The pointers below presents a tentative  count of calories you can burn by using the under-desk elliptical exercising machine. But before we discover the benefits of desk ellipticals, we must find out the factors which determine a proper calorie burn measurement.


  1. Size of an individual: It is tested that the larger the size of an individual, more calories will be burned. For example, a 160-lb person will burn about 680 calories an hour on this elliptical machine than a 110-lb. person, recorded by Panhandle Health District.
  2. Right exercise: Not every exercise will give you the same result. You need to follow certain exercises for proper calorie burn.
  3. Exercising effectively: You cannot be a lazy kid when it comes to proper fitness. If you desire for a proper result, you have to maintain your exercise regime and try to never skip it no matter what happens. Daily exercise will give you assured results.

Calorie measurement

There are 4 types of under-desk elliptical exercising machines that help you in burning a good amount of calories. Let’s find out:

  1. The FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical: Height near about 25”, this low profile and lowest pedal rotation can be used as a rolling foot massage or handheld. By just exercising on this machine, a person can nearly burn about 300 calories per hour which is equal to running upstairs for an hour!
  2. The Stamina InMotion Under Desk Elliptical: This low height elliptical machine reduces the risk of back pain, knee problem, hip and ankle pain just by pedaling under the desk without much intensity or movement. More interestingly, you can burn as many calories as you burn while jogging, which is equal to 398 calories per hour!
  3. The Cubii Under Desk Elliptical: This is the 3rd type of elliptical machine that can be used by the workaholics. This machine can be connected by your iOS and Android and you can track your exercising session or set goals for burning the desired amount of calories. It has been recorded that by exercising on this machine, one can burn 4 calories per minute, which is nearly 240 calories per hour.
  4. The Stamina Strider Under Desk Elliptical: This is another type of under-desk elliptical exercising machine which targets your lower body. You can burn calories with ease while sitting and doing low impact cardiovascular exercises. The calorie burning amount varies according to your exercising efficiency. No such predictable amount has been recorded yet. It will highly depend upon how efficiently you exercise and for how long.

You must keep in mind that these calorie recordings are just a prediction. It may vary in your case. So this prediction is not the exact calorie burning meter.


All in all, an under-desk elliptical exercising machine is very helpful for workaholic people. You do not need to skip or hamper your work anymore for keeping yourself fit. You can exercise while working by just sitting in front of your desk. So from now on, you need not worry about how you can burn your calories and also keep your working schedule intact at the same time.