Bleacher Seats at MLB Ballparks

What is Bleacher Seating?

Bleachers are basically elevated and layered rows of benches or stands that are most commonly found in sports stadiums and halls. It is usually occupied by fans, coaches or friends and parents to view and enjoy some ongoing sports event.

Bleachers can vary in structure from being simple to elaborate with backrests. These can be made from wood, aluminum, and steel. Namely, there are three types of bleachers:

  • I-Beam

I-Beam bleachers are typical outdoor stands that are supported below by steel I-beams. Built of steel, plastic, and aluminum, these bleachers are mostly connected to press boxes or public address. Although these cannot be moved they provide immense seating space and can be found extensively in baseball, football or track stadiums.

  • Telescoping

Built with a combination of steel, wood and plastic, this type of bleachers is exclusively for indoor seating purposes and is used in school gymnasiums and the likes. The bleachers come with wheels or tracks and can be folded in and out according to the space needed.

  • Frame-Type

This is the most conventional form of bleachers, known as portable bleachers, and are usually found in school basketball fields and can accommodate only a handful of audiences. These come with a steel angle under structure or aluminum tubes.

Why Choose Bleacher Seating?

Bleacher seating is extremely versatile and cost-effective and found extensively not only in baseball or football stadiums but also in school and college halls and gymnasiums. Firstly, bleachers do have any defined seats and can accommodate small children who do not require much space and also people with greater body mass without being uncomfortable. Bleachers save space and can fit in quite a number of audiences.

What are the Best Seats?

Baseball is highly popular in America and is almost referred to as the country’s past time. A majority of the Americans will be found flocking off to the stadiums during April and October when Major League Baseball prevails over pretty much everything.

Once you are in the stadium, a lot rides on the seat that will give you the most terrific baseball experience. Depending upon the position, the prices are fixed for the seats and quite obviously the best seats cost the most.

  • Bleachers, Wrigley Field

It is a treat to be spending an afternoon at this classic-versus-retro stadium. From the walls covered in ivy to the retro scoreboard, this is a favorite venue among fans. The bleachers here are perhaps the most celebrated seats since it is located behind the outfield wall. And if you are seated here you will have the best chance of catching a home run ball in right and left field.

  • The upper deck, first-base line, Fenway Park

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, it is one of the most popular baseball stadiums. And from up here, it is almost like you are on the field. These seats let you have a clear view of the field without any obstruction.

  • View Box, AT&T Park

If you are seated in this section, you will not only get the view of the field but also the Bay and the Cove. Also, these seats are reasonably priced and dodge the left section and move over to the right to have the sun to your backs and wind over your heads.

  • The upper deck, Coors Field

Undeniably the upper deck offers you the best seats at Coors Field. You not only get the best field view but also the best view of the mountains enveloping the stadium.

  • The upper deck, Safeco Field

Safeco field has MLB’s largest video board at the center-field. The seats located in the rows 20-35 in sections 126-133 are pretty much the best as they are quite elevated and offer an unobstructed view. If you want the best view and special treatment with comfort and refreshments, the Terrace Club seats at the 200 level are recommended.


Here are a few recommendations although it is more of a personal choice. And also the preference of seats varies from those who are going to visit with their kids and families and those going with friends. For even better seats, check out our reviews on bleacher chairs and bleacher cushions for added comfort at any ball field you choose!