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Best Underwater Scooters Reviews

There’s a lot to see beneath the surface of the ocean, but flippers will only take you so far. Divers can explore more of the ocean floor with an underwater sea scooter. Underwater scooters, also known as diver propulsion vehicles or scuba scooters, use a form of torpedo technology to help scuba divers travel farther underwater and get more of a thrill out of their deep-sea excursions. Ready to put more speed into your scuba trips? Get started by reading our reviews for the best underwater scooters for sale on the market today.

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    the best underwater sea scooter reviews

    Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter

    The Sublue WhiteShark water scooter is quick to learn and easy to control. It has a streamlined design with a surface that is compatible with most sports cameras, allowing users to mount their devices and record underwater adventures. Powered by a sealed, chargeable 11000 mAh battery that can run for up to 30 minutes, the WhiteShark can reach depths up to 40m and has a maximum speed of 3.35 mph.

    Features & Benefits

    • Simplified user-friendly design for quick and simple use. Streamlined and symmetrical design. Universal interface compatible with almost all sports cameras which can be mounted to record everything underwater in a most direct view. Keep the kids busy - During this special period of time, make space for social distancing will be wise. This will be a powerful tool to keep the kids busy in the pool, fun enough to keep them stay at home.
    • Portable small size with large energy. The total weight of 3.5kgs makes it easy to carry without any troubles during traveling, double thrusters release 8kgf thrust to explore the world underwater.
    • Easy use in a safe range. Provided with a floater to achieve zero buoyancy and the propellers are designed with a safe protective net to prevent fingers from accidental injury.
    • Powered by a sealed and chargeable 11000hAm battery, which can run up for 30 minutes in normal usage. The working depth is rated to 40m, with a maximum of 3.35miles/h speed.
    • The battery of Sublue’s underwater product is waterproof if it is set up correctly to accord with the user manual. However, the battery compartment is not watertight seal design, so water gets in there is under normal circumstance. Water in the battery compartment would NOT damage the battery or the product.

    Yamaha Seascooter Recreational Series

    The Yamaha Seascooter is designed for family fun in the pool, packing a thrust speed of up to 2 mph and rated for 4.6m running depths. The battery will last up to 1.5 hours of standard usage.

    The Seascooter includes auto-shutoff capabilities, a dual-trigger control, and a caged propeller, making this a safe piece of equipment for both adults and children. It has positive buoyancy, which means it floats in the water even at a weight of 12 pounds. The built-in camera mount allows users to shoot videos of their time below the surface. The battery is sealed to prevent water damage and requires maintenance every three months.

    Features & Benefits

    • YAMAHA SEAL SCOOTER - Designed for family fun in the pool, packs a thrust speed of up to 2mph / 3. 2km/h, rated for 15ft / 4. 6m running depths with a run time up to 1. 5 hours with normal use
    • SAFETY FEATURES – Include an auto-shutoff, dual-trigger control, caged propeller casing the Seal is a must for every child or child at heart
    • WATERPROOF – Construction, positive buoyancy, meaning the Seal Scooter will float, total weight 12 lbs. Scooter size: 11. 25x 11. 25 x 19 inch
    • CAMERA INTEGRATION - With built-in mount allows users to seamlessly take videos of their experience using their sports camera of choice (Camera/GoPro sold separately)

    CellBee Underwater Sea Scooter

    The CellBee Underwater Sea Scooter is an excellent piece of diving equipment. It’s equipped with a 360W high-power motor, has a max depth of 30m, and can reach speeds up to 2.7 mph. You can adjust the speed instantly with the push of a button. The parental speed control is an advanced safety feature that allows adults to control the maximum speed of the water scooter so you and your children can enjoy all the fun without any worry.

    The lightweight and compact design make the CellBee easy to travel with, and the 4400 mAh battery provides up to 45 minutes of low-speed usage and 20 minutes of high-speed usage. The majority of sports cameras can pair with the device, which makes for an easy way to record your adventures.

    Features & Benefits

    • State-of-art design - CellBee's sea scooter adopts classic yellow/ black colors that are different from other sea scooters on the market by applying scientific streamline and symmetrical design, and it can be used with the majority of sports cameras for shooting, allowing you and your children's family to enjoy underwater fun!
    • Deep dive depth and high horsepower - CellBee's sea scooter is equipped with a 360W high-power motor. The maximum depth it can dive is 30m/98 ft., and it can reach 1.2m/s (4.3km/h, 2.7mph) at maximum speed. The performance is excellent. There is a button for adjusting the speed on the machine, which high speed and low speed can be switched by one key. PS: After use, please run the machine in clean water to clean the propeller!!!
    • Long battery life - CellBee’s underwater scooter has a built-in 4400mAh battery, which can last for up to 45min in low-speed mode/up to 20mins in high-speed mode.
    • Want to take it on a trip to the beach? - CellBee’s underwater scooter weighs 2.7kg, measures 19x10x6 in inches, and its built-in battery allows you to check it on the plane. CellBee provides a 365-day product warranty service for your scooter.
    • Safe and convenient to use with APP - CellBee’s underwater scooter allows you to set the parent mode, remote control of speed, depth, lighting, and other parameters from the APP, allowing you and your children to enjoy the fun of dialogues while significantly improving personal safety.

    Windek Sublue Seabow Smart Underwater Scooter With Action Camera Mount

    For top performance, look no further than the Seabow Smart Underwater Scooter. It boasts 60 minutes of battery life and provides a top speed of 4.47 mph, which is comparable to the fastest men’s freestyle champion swimmer. This underwater sea scooter has three modes to choose from: free, sport, and turbo. You can switch between modes and speeds with the press of a button.

    Thanks to its DTC kit, this sea scooter allows single-hand control, making it a favorite for underwater videography. The OLED display shows data like speed, battery life, hand operation mode, and operation time. The interface is universal and compatible with most action cameras on the market. The lights and balance weight make it safe to use even in darker waters, and the low battery alert will let you know when it’s time to come up.

    Features & Benefits

    • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: 60mins battery life, 3-speed switch, 2m/s (4.47mph) Max speed, 40m (131ft), all these remarkable specifications guarantee the powerful performance you are looking for. Quickly switch between three speeds (FREE, SPORT, TURBO) to find new thrills underwater. Top speed at 2m/s (4.47mph), as fast as the men’s 200m freestyle world champion. The max 60 mins battery life (per single charge) delivers the ultimate underwater experience.
    • SINGLE-HAND CONTROL: Supports single-hand control with DTC kit (D-ring buckle and tow cord), which enables the user to help relieve ear pressure (equalize). Adjust a regulator, or film while driving underwater, now is possible.
    • OLED DISPLAY: This allows you to have a quick view of the operating status. The OLED displays data including speed, battery life, hand operation mode, and operating time continuously.
    • COMPATIBLE: Universal interface, compatible with almost ALL action cameras in the market. Equipped with lights and balance weight etc. is also possible. SAFE: With the low battery alert, the unit will flash and vibrate if low on battery life.

    Yamaha RDS250 Seascooter With Camera Mount

    The Yamaha RDS250 Seascooter delivers the perfect balance of run time and speed. It’s rated to a depth of 30m and can cruise at speeds ranging from 2-5 mph. The two full hours of run time make this underwater scooter excellent for back-to-back dive days and exploring more of the sea. The waterproof construction prevents accidental flooding, is impact-resistant, and features heavy-duty rubber hull protection.

    The RDS250’s control chamber is designed for use in saltwater. Although you can use this scooter in freshwater, it won’t be as buoyant and might sink over time. The built-in mount enables users to take videos of their experience with their sports camera of choice.

    Features & Benefits

    • YAMAHA RDS250 SEASCOOTER – Delivers a perfect balance of run time and speed. Rated to a depth of 100ft (30m) the RDS250 will cruise at speeds up to 2. 5mph (4km/h)
    • FEATURING – A run time of up to 2 hours and the RDS250 is the perfect vehicle for back to back dive days
    • WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION - Prevents accidental flooding is impact resistant heavy duty rubber hull protection
    • REMOVABLE BUOYANCY - control chamber (The RDS250) is designed for use in saltwater. It will have less buoyancy in freshwater, and may slowly sink in fresh bodies of water
    • POWERED - By a sealed Lead Acid Battery included, Product size: 24” x 15. 2” x 12. 3” / 612 x 385 x 312 (mm), Weight just 18 lbs. / 8. 2 kg including battery (Occasional battery maintenance required)
    • CAMERA INTEGRATION - With built-in mount allows users to seamlessly take videos of their experience using their sports camera of choice (Camera/GoPro sold separately)

    Yamaha Explorer Seascooter With Camera Mount

    The Yamaha Explorer is an entry-level underwater scooter with cruising speeds reaching up to 2.5 mph. It has a depth rating of 30m, making it perfect for shallow dives, snorkeling, or observing aquatic wildlife in saltwater.

    Auto-shutoff and dual-trigger controls are two safety features that adventurers greatly appreciate. On top of that, the Yamaha Explorer has a sealed battery and has nearly universal device compatibility with most adventure cameras.

    Features & Benefits

    • YAMAHA EXPLORER SEASCOOTER- This is an entry-level model Sea scooter with cruising at speeds up to 2. 5mph (4km/h) with a depth rating of 30ft (10m) perfect for shallow dives, snorkeling adventures, or chasing fish
    • POSITIVE BUOYANCY - The Sea scooter is designed for use in saltwater and will have less buoyancy in fresh water and may slowly sink if used in fresh bodies of water
    • SAFETY FEATURES – Include an auto-shutoff, dual-trigger control, caged propeller casing, Weight 11. 5 lbs / 5. 2 kg including battery, size: 11. 77” x 11. 10” x 20. 5”
    • CAMERA INTEGRATION - With built-in mount allows users to seamlessly take videos of their experience using their sports camera of choice (Camera/GoPro sold separately)

    Geneinno Underwater Scooter Dual Propellers

    This compact underwater scooter from Geneinno is designed to travel well, is compatible with GoPros, features an LED light mount, and has a powerful motor. The dual thrusters are capable of diving up to 164 feet deep and have a maximum speed of 4 mph.

    A fully charged battery offers 45 minutes of run time in the water. When you’re ready to recharge it, you can just pop it out and reach a full charge in 1.5 hours. This scuba scooter is an ideal piece of equipment for shallow dives, snorkeling, ocean diving, and sightseeing.

    Features & Benefits

    • Compact underwater scooter, designed to fit in your airplane carry-on, Compatible with Go Pro/ LED Light Mount
    • The powerful motor can bring you to dive to 164 ft. depth, dual thrusters provide up to 26lbs power, reaching 4 mph swimming and diving experience
    • Long-lasting removable battery performs up to 45 mins running time in the water and takes only 1. 5-hour refilling it with full power
    • Ideal for Water Parks, Shallow Dives, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Ocean Diving, Aquariums, Chasing with 2-level-speed
    • Positive buoyancy material selection for keeping it floated in the water all the time while you need to pause it or change the battery

    Windek Sublue WhiteShark Mix Underwater Scooter With Action Camera Mount Dual-Motor

    The world’s first dual-motor underwater scooter features an innovative design that offers the perfect combination of propulsion and stability. Let’s talk about some exciting upgrades, like the double battery life which lasts up to 60 minutes on a single charge. On top of that, the double thrusters provide 4.02 mph max speed and 8 kgf of thrust force so you can explore the world beneath the surface up to 40m.

    The WhiteShark features a low battery alert that will give you a warning when you’re in need of a change. The newly designed built-in phone mount means you can capture exciting underwater moments with a standard smartphone without getting it wet. Don’t want to use your phone, though? No problem. Just attach an action camera and get on your way!

    Features & Benefits

    • DUAL-MOTOR: The world’s FIRST DUAL-MOTOR underwater scooter. Innovative design features the perfect combination of propulsion and stability. Private family time in the pool! Now even the kids can have a great time for some fancy swimming styles. Great way to have a fun sport time when staying at home.
    • REVOLUTIONARY PERFORMANCE: Exciting upgrades, doubling the battery life with fast charge, the WhiteShark MIX PRO can now remarkably run for 60 mins & fast charging within just 2 hours. Propel at a remarkable speed, the WhiteShark MIX PRO can now push up to 1.8 m/s (4.02 mph) at max or run at 1.2m/s (2.68 mph) to maximize the using time. The DOUBLE thrusters are able to release 8 kgf thrust to explore the world underwater.
    • SAFE & STABLE: Mix Pro adds the Low Battery Alert function for your safety, once it's alerted, please approach someplace safe immediately. It also designs a floater to achieve zero buoyancy and design the propellers to have a safe protective net, preventing fingers from accidental injury. The industry-leading sealing and waterproofing technology also stand guarantee for the best diving experience, which allows the deepest range at 40 m ( 131 ft ).
    • PHONE & ACTION CAMERA MOUNT: With the newly designed built-in Phone Mount on the floater, simply bring your phone while using the WhiteShark MixPro, ready to use for all users. Capture epic moments using your smartphone by securing it onto the designated phone mount located on the floater. You can still easily attach your action camera onto the universal mount to record everything underwater in the most direct view.
    • PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: Small size but with plenty of energy. Powerful enough to drive multiple people at the same time. Only 20% of the size of conventional DPVs in both size and weight. FAA-compliant batteries also allows for easy to swap spare batteries. Easy for everyone to carry everywhere.

    Longtime Dual-Propeller Underwater Swimming Scooter Dual-Speed Control With Camera Mount

    This sea scooter from Longtime is a dual-propeller machine with three main parts. It’s light and compact enough to carry in a backpack without any trouble. The motor on this beauty has an anti-rust coating and features a water-cooling design that ensures high performance. With a depth rating of 30m, you’ll be able to enjoy the underwater world safely.

    The Long-time underwater scooter’s positive buoyancy means it will float to the top of the water without external pressure, so you won’t lose it to Davy Jones’ locker if you fumble the grip. The built-in 97 Wh li-polymer battery that powers this water scooter can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours. The smart app allows users to track a variety of data, like their speed and the duration of their dive.

    Features & Benefits

    • PORTABLE - TAKE ANYWHERE - Constructed with only three main parts, the Geneinno S2 is a very practical sea scooter to travel with. At a lightweight 5.9 lbs, the S2 can fit in a backpack or a carry-on bag. Its small size is equivalent to a 15” Macbook, allowing you to take it anywhere.
    • PERFORMANCE - The S2’s motors have an anti-rust coating, making them durable for over 1,000 hours in various scenarios, both in salt and freshwater. The excellent seal technique and water-cooling design ensure its high performance. With a depth rating of 98 ft, you can rely on the Geneinno S2’s durability to explore even deeper in your underwater adventures. The S2’s positive buoyancy makes it easier to maintain depth and helps prevent it from being lost in the ocean.
    • POWER - Powered by 350W DC brushless motors, the Geneinno S2 provides up to a total of 22 lbs of thrust. The two-gear speed allows you to cruise through the water at a max speed of 2.7 mph and a low speed of 2 mph.
    • BATTERY - The built-in 97Wh li-polymer battery powers the Geneinno S2 and is safe to bring on a plane. The magnetic charger provides a quick recharge time of just 1.5 hours.
    • SMART AP - Geneinno S2 is built to make water sports more fun and easy, it can be monitored by the smart app on your phone, you can monitor the speed, depth, distance, light, and battery, yet you can share that information once you finished diving.

    Hoverstar Underwater Scooter

    This Hoverstar sea scooter has a running time of 100 minutes, reaches depths of 20m, and reaches speeds up to 5.6 mph. The security system will automatically shut it off if something goes wrong, and it will float to the top if you lose control. This sea scooter can carry up to 40 pounds at a time, so four adults can hold onto it at once. Bring your friends and explore that seafloor!

    Features & Benefits

    • ABOUT THIS UNDERWATER SEA SCOOTER: AquaJet Dive H2 flying the world’s first bionic marine vehicle which helps you fly in the water, circling, rotating, fast descending, and ascending in the water. Cruise on the surface, capture stunning videos, rescue and retrieve while diving and snorkeling. Perfect device for underwater emergency rescue.
    • SPEED & DEPTH INFO: Its 100 minute running time can take you anywhere to a 3.7 Miles (6 KM) cruising range. It has the capability to go with a speed of up to 5.6 Miles (9 KM) per hr. Safe diving depth of 0-16 feet but dives up to 66 ft. depth. 3 level rotational speed control with Low, Medium, High speed along with a Progressive Acceleration System that has the ability to change your speed while in motion.
    • SUPERIOR SAFETY FEATURES: Positive buoyancy will lead it back to the surface if you lose control of the device. Auto shut off magnetic switch security system-if something goes wrong. Intelligent controlled motor with a perfect horizontal experience. CE & UL Approved, and more.
    • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Powerful thrust can carry up to 40 lbs allowing you to carry four adults at once. Includes a portable backpack for storage and traveling. Powered by a RECHARGEABLE Li-Ion Battery that’s Ultra-quiet and eco-friendly, will not pollute the water, and will make sure that no marine life is spewed.
    • COMPATIBLE CAMERA MOUNT: Have extraordinary fun while recording your next adventure in the big blue. Our underwater sea scooter is equipped with a universal interface that connects to any waterproof camera.