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Best 8 Portable Bleachers

One of the most important yet often overlooked things about holding an event is the seating. Whether you’re putting on a sporting event or hosting a concert, or you work for an organization that does so, you’ll want quality seating for your guests and fans. Aluminum bleachers are a great option, especially if the bleachers are portable. Read on to see our list of the best portable bleachers for sale, both indoor and outdoor.

Top 8 Portable Bleachers
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    Smart Group 3-Row Aluminum Bleacher

    The first option to consider on our list of portable bleachers to consider is the Smart Group three-row aluminum bleachers. This scorer’s bench is wheeled, making it an excellent option if you’re in need of portable bleachers. Since it comes in both 15- and 30-seat models, you’ll be able to customize your order to fit the needs of your organization. The sturdy aluminum construction is corrosion- and rust-resistant, so you don’t have to worry when using these aluminum bleachers outdoors. Solid, stable, and offering great load-bearing performance, these portable bleachers are quick to set up and easy to use.

    Product Details

    • Minimum order quantity: 10 sets
    • Advantages: The overall aluminum bleacher structure is solid and stable, good load-bearing performance, quick and easy installation. Bleachers below the 4 rows are wheeled for easy movement. Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, can be placed in a high-temperature environment for a long time. Safe and environmentally friendly.
    • Customization available: We can produce 1-15 rows of aluminum bleachers, and give professional design solutions according to different sites.

    2-Row 8' Tip ‘n' Roll Bleachers

    Another great set of portable bleachers for both indoor and outdoor use is the two-row, 8' tip ‘n' roll Bleachers. Available in forest green, royal blue, red, and navy blue, the tip ‘n’ roll aluminum bleachers are livelier options than many. These aluminum bleachers easily tip up on their wheels for added portability, and the high-grade swivel casters and rubber footpads ensure that your floor won’t get marred if you use these portable bleachers indoors. The frame is made from 100% welded aluminum with anodized and powder-coated surfaces where applicable.

    Product Details

    • Available in forest green, royal blue, red, and navy blue.
    • Tip N' Roll bleachers are perfect for auxiliary seating requirements.
    • Unit easily tips up on its casters for convenient storage.
    • Frames are 100%welded aluminum angle.
    • Seat planks are either anodized or powder-coated (where. applicable). . High-grade swivel casters & rubber foot pads will. not mar your floors.

    Gared 15' Portable Aluminum Bench

    Next up on our list of the best portable bleachers for sale comes the Gared 15' Portable Aluminum Bench. This outdoor option consists of a single bench aluminum bleacher that can be adapted for indoor use with the purchase of a conversion kit. If you’re in need of affordable, low-maintenance aluminum bleachers for your players or fans, this no-frills portable aluminum bench may be just right for you.

    Product Details

    • 15 ft.
    • Indoor conversion kit not included
    • Heavy-duty aluminum bench provides affordable, low-maintenance seating for players and fans
    • 15 ft. long and portable
    • Seats are comprised of 10 in. wide anodized aluminum planks

    ProMounds Standard Tip ‘n’ Roll Bleachers

    Tip ‘n' roll portable bleachers like the ProMounds Standard are perfect for auxiliary seating for any indoor or outdoor event. These aluminum bleachers’ frames are 100% welded aluminum, delivering a sturdy set of portable bleachers for up to 10 people. These transportable bleachers easily tip up on their casters for convenient storage, and the high-grade casters and rubber footpads mean you don’t have to worry about your floors when using them inside. Not only are the seating surfaces of these aluminum bleachers anodized and powder-coated for added protection, but the understructure of these portable bleachers is also aluminum for reduced weight when repositioning them.

    Product Details

    • The ideal solution to your auxiliary seating needs
    • Easily tipped up onto its swivel casters for movement, and caster brakes keep the bleacher from rolling when stored.
    • Includes non-marring rubber foot pads to protect wood floors.
    • Standard Bleachers have single foot planks
    • Seats 10 people

    BSN Sports Portable 7 1/2' Aluminum Bench

    Another single-bench option on our list of the best aluminum bleachers comes from BSN Sports. This primarily outdoor option is a no-frills single bench aluminum bleacher perfect for seating your team or the fans cheering them on. As one of the more affordable portable bleachers on this list, it’s a great way to offer auxiliary seating at your next event without breaking the bank. It’s not always necessary to have multiple rows, so if you have a smaller group of people or the need to be able to transport your aluminum bleachers to a secondary location, this set of portable bleachers is well worth a look.

    Product Details

    • Portable 7 1/2' Aluminum Bench without back

    First Team Sports Fanstand Indoor Tip ‘n’ Roll Bleacher

    Next on our list is another set of portable indoor bleachers from First Team Sports. This indoor bleacher for sale offers three rows of seating, a double foot plank for added comfort, and a rollaway function aided by non-marking casters. This allows for these bleachers to be easily transportable inside without the need to worry about your facility’s flooring. This set of aluminum bleachers also comes in a single footplank configuration if you need to save space and money.

    Product Details

    • 9.5" wide clear anodized aluminum planks
    • Units roll easily on non-marking casters
    • Mill finish footplanks
    • Single and double footplanks available
    • First Team Tip-N-Roll bleachers meet guidelines set by 2002 IBC recommendations for bleachers.

    Gared 15' Tip ‘n' Roll Bleachers with Double Foot Planks

    Another great set of portable bleachers from the team at Gared are these tip ‘n’ roll aluminum bleachers, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. These aluminum bleachers come with four rows and offer a capacity of up to 40 people. These portable bleachers also offer double foot planks with additional leg room for your fans. The included swivel casters allow these portable bleachers to be easily moved on wheels, making for a quick and easy cleanup after your event. Aside from the ability to easily move these aluminum bleachers, the swivel casters are also great for preventing marks on indoor flooring.

    Product Details

    • Tip N' Roll Aluminum Bleachers are versatile for indoor and outdoor spectator seating.
    • Bleacher is 4-row, with a capacity of 40 people. Includes double foot planks for additional leg room.
    • Dimensions: 15' x 30" x 81".
    • Swivel casters allow the unit to be tipped up for easy portability and storage.
    • Seats are constructed of 10" wide anodized aluminum planks. Foot planks are constructed of 20" wide mill-finished aluminum.
    • Framework is comprised of welded aluminum angle for superior support and strength. End caps are constructed of die-cut aluminum strips with punched holes for screws. High-grade swivel casters and rubber foot pads protect the unit from marring floors. Extreme caution should be taken when tipping units outdoors due to possible high wind conditions.

    TITAN GREAT OUTDOORS Aluminum Bench With Back

    Coming in last on our list but certainly not least is one more portable bleacher option with a single-bench configuration. The Titan Great Outdoors bench is a portable bleacher made from galvanized steel and equipped with a backrest. Measuring six feet long and weighing in at 43 pounds, this sturdy yet transportable bleacher is an affordable option for those looking for auxiliary seating without the need for multiple rows.

    Product Details

    • Benches are made from 100% Aluminum with a powder-coated white steel frame for a weatherproof design.
    • Overbuild construction for a stable, long-lasting bench.
    • End caps to cover sharp edges.
    • Galvanized steel frame provides a sturdy, durable frame.
    • Benches available in 6' and 9' lengths and with or without a back.