Best Kneeboards

Kneeboarding, a sport similar to wakeboarding and waterskiing, involves balancing your knees on a specially designed board while being towed by a high-speed boat. The kneeboard’s design makes this a safer option than waterskiing or tubing. It’s both a flotation device and a comfortable piece of equipment for getting used to water sports. Kneeboarding is easy to pick up—just strap on your life vest and you’re ready to go!

From the best kneeboards for beginners to the best kneeboards for tricks, we’ve put together a range of kneeboard reviews so you can find the equipment you’ll have the most fun with on the water. Here’s our take on the top kneeboards for sale this year.

reviewing the best kneeboards for sale on the market today
best kneeboard reviews for beginners and tricks
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    Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard

    With a classic spoon shape, the Revolution consistently provides a smooth, comfortable ride and makes cat-like transitions without sacrificing the pop off the wake. The thin profile design is aesthetically pleasing and delivers the upper-echelon performance typically associated with pricier boards.

    First-time riders will appreciate the Hydrohook, which will allow them to get back on the board efficiently thanks to its intuitive spring-loaded action. These products, all made in the USA, are some of the best kneeboards for beginners.

    Features & Benefits

    • 3” padded nylon strap
    • Classic spoon shape
    • Thin profile design
    • Deep knee wells
    • Hydro hook for easy starts every time

    O'Brien Voodoo Kneeboard With Hook

    Expertly crafted for the ability to put the board on edge and charge the wake while providing a comfortable ride, the O’Brien VooDoo model is an excellent kneeboard for those looking for tons of control. Molded fins at each corner make for ample tracking on the water, and the curved underside really opens up for smooth transitions from edge to edge. The 3/4-inch-thick pad means the Voodoo board is easy on the knees and ankles. This kneeboard also features O'Brien's molded-in hook for easy, hands-free starts.

    Features & Benefits

    • Integrated hook
    • 3/4" EVA pad
    • Padded adjustable strap
    • Variable beveled edge

    HO Joker Kneeboard

    Designed by Tony Klarich in 1994, the Joker is a staple in the kneeboarding community for beginners and expert boarders alike. Its high-performance shape and symmetrical profile always provide a superior ride.

    The two-stage rocker design enables slick transitions and gets a great pop off the wake. The square tip and tail shape provides serious control, and the dual-density kneepad, equipped with cushioning foam, means you’ll be protected as you shred.

    Features & Benefits

    • Proven High-Performance Shape
    • 2-Stage Rocker Design
    • Square Tip and Tail Shape
    • Locking Edge Channels
    • Dual Density Knee Pad

    O'Brien Ricochet Kneeboard With Hook

    According to most experienced kneeboarders, this particular kneeboard is perfect for transitioning from a beginning level to a more advanced level. This high-performance kneeboard was designed by O’Brien with one goal: to increase your skills without overspending.

    The O’Brien Ricochet kneeboard is designed with respectable features common to all the best kneeboards for sale on the market. It weighs in at 15 pounds and has very sleek edges, a pronounced V-hull, and a twin-tip design for easy maneuvering. Available with padded straps, an integrated hook, and a quad-fin flex back, the O’Brien Ricochet is the perfect choice for both intermediates and professional kneeboarders.

    Features & Benefits

    • Length: 51. 5” width 22. 3"
    • Adjustable strap
    • Molded-in handle hook
    • Twin tip and V-Hull design for improved performance
    • Compression Molded
    • Sport type: Boating

    O'Brien Black Magic Kneeboard

    Manufactured by the legendary O’Brien team, known for some of the best kneeboards for sale today, the Black Magic is widely considered the best kneeboard for the whole family. The famous cable-actuated retractable fin system and the aquatic hook make it the perfect board for successfully teaching kids and new riders the finer points of deep-water kneeboard starts.

    With its versatile size, both adults and kids can take advantage of the Black Magic kneeboard. The smooth bottom contour makes it super stable and comfortable. Put on the three-inch padded strap and you’ll be secure and ready to shred!

    Features & Benefits

    • Length: 51. 5” width 22. 3"
    • Retractable fins
    • Removable aquatic hook
    • Padded, adjustable strap
    • Durable plastic base

    MaxKare Kneeboard

    The MaxKare kneeboard is made of LLDPE and EVA materials that are free of odor and toxic chemicals. It’s made with marine-grade, corrosion-resistant materials using durable construction methods, and it has an integrated handle hook to make starting easier. The deep EVA kneepads ensure a comfortable ride even in the choppiest waves. It’s a truly beginner-friendly piece of equipment that can be enjoyed by older children, teens, and adults, making it great for family outings.

    The W-shaped tip and tail are intuitively designed to support tricks and turns on the waters with easy releases off the wake, while the wide edges and the roto-molded fin increase performance. The lightweight design makes it easy to transport and store away easily not in use.

    Features & Benefits

    • DURABLE KNEEBOARD - MaxKare kneeboard is made of LLDPE & EVA materials that are free of odor or toxic chemicals. Marine-grade corrosion-resistant and durable construction with an integrated handle hook for an easy start. Measurement: 49.2 inches (L), 19.7 inches (W).
    • SAFE & COMFY - Deep EVA knee pad keeps you comfortable and safe throughout wave riding. The model helps to act as a floating device after a spill. Truly beginners-friendly watersport equipment, suitable for most older children, teenagers, and adults.
    • SMOOTH PROFILE - The MaxKare kneeboard features a W-shape tip and tail for quick and easy release off the wake. Wide edges and professional roto-molded fin design support tricks and turns on the water.
    • PORTABLE - Lightweight and easily portable (product weight: 9.8 lbs), the knee pad can be conveniently stored in a vehicle, a boat box, or a garage, space-saving and travel-friendly.
    • UNIVERSAL - Kneeboarding features easy operation and a quick start for most kids and adults which makes it an authentic family sport. The boogie surfboard supports smooth turning and good control for even the novice kneeboarder. Maximum rider weight: 220 lbs.

    HO Proton Kneeboard

    Similar in quality to the Joker kneeboard by HO, the Proton is a one-size-fits-all kneeboard with an advanced Powerlock single locking knee strap. The handle hook is helpful for getting back on the board without difficulty, while the surf-inspired shape allows you to experience handling comparable to a surfboard. The deep tracking channel makes landings stable and secure, while the retractable fin system means that transportation is no problem.

    Features & Benefits

    • Easy-Up Handle Hook
    • Surf Inspired Shape
    • Retractable Fin System
    • Deep Tracking Channels for Stable Landings
    • Powerlock Single Locking Knee Strap

    Xspec Kneeboard With Hook Strap

    Emphasizing extraordinary performance on the ocean, lakes, or rivers, the Xspec kneeboard is a blend of water ski and wakeboard. The wakeboard style and cupped, molded fins foster a smooth, easy ride while still allowing for spin-type tricks. The extremely durable EVA foam pad with deep knee wells and a three-inch padded adjustable belt provides comfort for softer landings and gives riders maximum control while maneuvering and doing tricks.

    The integrated hook holds the tow rope handle during starts so you’re free to get your hands and knees in position. The polyurethane exterior and foam-filled interior mean that this board offers strength, comfort, and durability. It’s built to handle everyone from the experienced shredder to the newbie just trying to learn.

    Features & Benefits

    • The Xspec kneeboard features blended water ski and wakeboard design elements for extraordinary levels of performance; whether you're surfing in the ocean, lake or river. The wakeboard style and cupped molded fins give it a smooth, easy ride, yet still allowing for spin-type tricks.
    • The extremely durable EVA foam pad with deep knee wells and a 3" padded adjustable belt provides comfort for softer landings and gives riders maximum control while maneuvering and doing tricks. Integrated hook holds the tow rope handle during starts so hands are free to get your knees in position and secure.
    • Designed with reinforced knee strap brackets, constructed with a high-density polyurethane exterior and a foam-filled interior that adds strength, comfort, and durability.
    • This kneeboard is perfect to accommodate most older kids, teens, and adults. Whether you're just a beginner getting started, you got some experience and are in the intermediate level, or you're a pro and can do all kinds of tricks, this board is for you.
    • Weighs less than 11 lbs. and measures 50"(L) x 20"(W) x 4.5" (thickness) (approx.). Weight Limit: ~250 lbs. Small enough to fit in your car or in a boat box. It makes carrying it into the water a breeze.

    Kwik Tek AHKB-3 Wake Shaker Kneeboard

    Manufactured for everyone from beginners to professionals, this Kwik Tek kneeboard has a channeled bottom for maneuverability, padded straps, a deep knee well for extra comfort, and a sleek design. The low price makes it a great entry point for new customers without sacrificing quality.

    Features & Benefits

    • Channeled bottom makes kneeboarding easier and more fun to ride for all riding levels
    • Easy rail to rail transitions, consistent arc though turns, and effortless spins
    • Deep knee wells provide ultimate comfort and control
    • Unique bottom features reduce water tension for a light, responsive feel
    • Integrated EZ UP hook provides effortless starts every time and easy access to the rope handle