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Best DJ Mixers Reviews

When it comes to choosing the right DJ equipment, functionality and ease of use are equally important. As a DJ, you want a mixer board that not only does what you need it to do but also allows your creativity to flourish. Here is a list of some of the best DJ mixers for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. After making your way through our reviews, you’ll be ready to buy the best DJ mixer for your needs and skill level!

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    Pyle 6-Channel Mixer, Bluetooth DJ Controller, Stereo Mixer, Professional Sound System

    First up on our list of the best DJ mixers is the Pyle Six-Channel Stereo Mixer. This DJ board offers Bluetooth functionality so you can easily hook it up to your iPad, iPhone, Android, or tablet. It allows you to freely move any audio source to any of the six available channels, making for a quick and easy remixing experience.

    You’ll also enjoy full sound control with a 10-band graphic equalizer that includes effects like echo, delay, and repeat notes. Not only that, but for all you emcees out there, this DJ board also lets you upgrade your voice and modulate it on the fly.

    Product Details

    • Bluetooth: the Bluetooth DJ controller allows you to wirelessly transmit your entire MP3 library right into your mix from devices like your iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet
    • Upgrade your voice: the DJ mixer controller manipulates your voice with high, mid, and bass mic adjustments, then use the kill switch to cancel specific frequencies of your two microphone inputs for added special voice effects
    • Quick & easy remixing: the mixer digital gives you the freedom to move any source to any channel or even the same source to multiple channels for quick and easy remixing
    • Full sound control: the 6Channel mixer gives you complete control over your sound with 10 bands Graphic equalizer, echo, delay, repeat, and added digital sound effects
    • Updated features: the mixer 6 channel features include rock-solid construction, superb audio fidelity, high-quality parts, and of course, reliability are the core ingredients of the design

    Denon DJ X1850 PRIME – Professional 4-Channel Digital DJ Mixer Board With USB, Digital, and Switchable Phono/Line Inputs Plus Built-In DJ FX

    Next up on the list of the best DJ mixers is the Denon DJ X1850 PRIME. A board geared toward pro DJs with a focus on performance, the X1850 offers a familiar, intuitive layout with the rugged construction of a road-ready piece of gear. While the on-board EQ only includes three bands, the normal and isolation modes and time-division touch strip gives you plenty of control when performing live.

    You’ll also enjoy the advanced routing capabilities of this DJ mixer board, with a built-in five-port LAN hub and a variety of selectable inputs including Phono/Lin, Digital, and switchable USB and DVS ports. The crisp OLED display gives instant visual feedback as you mix, allowing you to customize your flow and tune performance while you work.

    Product Details

    • Personalize Your Mix: 3 band EQ section with normal and isolation modes, frequency-controlled band-isolation, Lo/Hi Pass Filter with 4 Sweep FX, 16 enhanced BPM FX, and Time-Division Touchstrip
    • Mix Essentials: Superior rugged build handles any performance setting; 4 smooth 60mm throw line faders, plus Denon DJ contour adjustable Flex-Fader crossfader
    • Dual USB Connections: 2 USB ports easily connect to your laptop, provide a second port for a backup laptop or let you run two DJ applications in tandem for quick and easy DJ ‘hand-offs’
    • Advanced Routing Capability – channels with selectable inputs including Phono/Line, Digital, switchable USB, and DVS
    • The Ultimate DJ Setup: Built-in 5-port LAN hub for connecting to four ‘SC’ media players, carrying tempo information, ultra-fast music file transfer, and StagelinQ audiovisual connections
    • Immediate on Demand Feedback: Crisp OLED screen enables full customization of your workflow and performance settings, alongside unrestricted access to adjust and edit the 16 Pro Club FX

    Gemini PMX-20 4-Channel Mixer All Metal Professional DJ Controller With RGB Performance Pads, MIDI, and Innofader-Ready Crossfader

    Another four-channel option on the list of best DJ mixers is the Gemini PMX-20. With a refined layout and all-metal construction, this mixer was designed by Gemini to meet the needs of DJs, performers, and scratch addicts everywhere. The RGB performance pads for hot cues and samples allow for real-time feedback when performing live, and the full complement of I/O, including MIDI Out, provides versatility no matter your use case. With a simpler layout and compact form factor, this option is one of the best mixers for beginner DJs.

    Product Details

    • The PMX-20 is Redefining the DJ Mixing Experience with Our 4-Channel Mixer DJ Controller. Designed To Meet the Demanding Needs of DJs, Performers, and Scratch Addicts Everywhere. From the All Metal Chassis the Innofader Ready Crossfader, This Controller Packs a Punch
    • Built with RGB Performance Pads for Hotcues and samples, MIDI Control for Library and Track Selection, 3 Band EQ and Dual Pole Filter
    • Built with Curve Control on the Crossfader, The Crossfader is Easily Replaceable and Innofader Ready
    • Size: 14.35" x 13" x 4.25" - Inputs Include: XLR/1/4" Combo Jack Microphone Input, 1/4" Input with Gain Control and Talkover and USB
    • Includes a Full Complement of Professional I/Os Including Samples and Unbalanced Master Output. The Controller Also Sends MIDI Out Making for an Amazing Mixing Controller

    Peavey PV 14 BT 14-Channel Compact Mixer With Bluetooth

    Next up is a piece of DJ equipment from the venerable Peavey. The PV 14 BT is a 14-channel compact mixer with Bluetooth functionality and a layout that puts every option at your fingertips. With a more traditional mixer board structure, the PV 14 is for DJs that don’t necessarily need RGB feedback or the aid of a screen. If you’re looking for a more traditional option that’s perfect for both live-sound reproduction and studio recording, the PV 14 is well worth a look.

    Product Details

    • New rugged, slim, low-profile console design
    • Convenient tablet cradle
    • 8 combination XLR/1/4 low noise mic preamps
    • Selectable Hi Pass Filter on first 8 inputs
    • 3-band EQ on all channels

    Reloop Elite High-Performance DVS DJ Mixer for Serato

    As the name suggests, the Reloop ELITE High-Performance DVS DJ Mixer is a higher-end option designed specifically for Serato DJ mixing software. The 16 velocity-sensitive RGB performance pads allow for much more expressive playing of samples and drum sounds than DJ boards without velocity sensitivity. The two high-contrast OLED displays show real-time information like effects, BPM, beat divisions, and a setup menu to change backend settings on the fly. All these features make the Reloop ELITE an excellent piece of equipment for pro DJs of all kinds

    Product Details

    • High-Performance DVS Mixer for Serato DJ Pro, developed in close collaboration with renowned international turntable artists
    • 16 large, velocity-sensitive RGB performance pads: Control up to 12 performance modes per deck
    • DUAL 24-bit interface and 3x non-contact Innofader Pro with high-resolution technology
    • 2 high-contrast OLED displays showing real-time information of effects, BPM, beat divisions, and setup menu
    • Includes Serato DJ Pro with DVS Support and 2x Serato Control Records with NoiseMap Technology

    Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 2 Channel Mixer for Serato DJ

    The Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 is a mixer board for DJs who want equipment that’s ready to go right out of the box. With a built-in soundcard, this two-channel DJ mixer board is Serato DJ Pro ready immediately. It features a Magvel crossfader for a smooth and accurate scratching response, as well as independent channel filters for more expressive live performance.

    Product Details

    • Built-in sound card
    • MAGVEL crossfader
    • Independent channel filters
    • High-quality sound

    Peavey PV 10 AT 10 Channel Compact Mixer With Bluetooth and Antares Auto-Tune

    Our next piece of DJ equipment for sale is another option from Peavey: the PV 10 AT 10-Channel Compact Mixer. This DJ mixer board is a fully-featured model on the more traditional side of things, with no RGB or OLED displays, and it comes equipped with two channels of Antares Auto-Tune pitch correction, which allows nearly anyone to sing on key during live performances. Features like Bluetooth integration allow this DJ machine to connect seamlessly to almost any smart device, making it a perfect companion for DJs who perform spontaneously or in venues with varying sound setups.

    Product Details

    • New rugged, slim, low-profile console design
    • Convenient tablet cradle
    • 2 Channels of Antares Auto-Tune
    • 4 combination XLR/1/4 low noise mic preamps
    • Selectable Hi Pass Filter on first 4 inputs

    Allen & Heath QU-32C 38 In/28 Out Compact Digital Mixer, Chrome Edition

    For the more serious sound engineers out there, the Allen & Heath QU-32C 38 In/28 Out Compact Digital Mixer may be worth a look. Its 32 AnalogiQ total recall preamps offer zero-crossing detection and an advanced padless 1dB step gain stage for ultrafine adjustments. With a responsive touchscreen, 33 motorized faders, and the aforementioned AnalogiQ recallable preamps, the Qu-32C combines class-leading audio performance with exceptional ease of use.

    Product Details

    • 32 AnalogiQ total recall preamps with zero-crossing detection and an advanced padless 1dB step gain stage
    • High contrast metallic finish controls offer excellent low light visibility and enhanced tactile control
    • 800 x 480, sixteen million color 5-inch touchscreen and dedicated data encoder
    • 33 motorized ALPS faders allow instant access to all channels and masters in a compact space, plus a dedicated master fader that dynamically follows the mix selection
    • iLive FX, 100-scene recall, USB audio streaming, automatic mic mixer, Qu-Pad Mixing App, and more!

    Pioneer DJ DJ Mixer, Black (RMX-1000)

    Heading back to the live performance side of things, here’s a DJ mixer board that puts ultimate control directly in the hands of the user. The Pioneer RMX-1000 Remix Station is a DJ machine for those looking to perform expressively and with full control of their live samples. This board offers DJs four remixing functions: Isolate FX, Scene FX, X-Pad FX, and Release FX. Used for creating simple musical arrangements with intuitive live controls, these effects, coupled with the customization offered by Pioneer’s remix box editor, allow the user to map every function on this DJ board to their liking.

    Product Details

    • Scene FX allows users to choose between 5 build up or break down effects
    • Isolate FX focuses on HI/LOW/MID frequency bands
    • X-Pad FX enables users to develop and add new sounds Release FX lever eliminates the current music and leaves only sound effects
    • Remix box software and RMX-1000Plugin VST/AU plug-in software included
    • High-quality sound and Easy connection to DJ mixer or studio computer

    Pioneer DJ DJM-750MK2 (DJM750MK2)

    Last but not least on our list of the best DJ mixers is another option from Pioneer. This time it’s the DJM-750MK2, a four-channel mixer with “club DNA” built right in. Designed from the ground up to be a performer’s best friend, this DJ board offers a professional layout, Pro FX with detailed controls, and independent send/return functionality to ensure high-quality sound no matter the source. If you’re looking for an intuitive and flexible experience during live performances, this is one of the best DJ mixers at its price point.

    Product Details

    • Professional FX with detailed control
    • Independent send/return
    • Professional sound quality
    • Smooth EQ and faders
    • Rekordbox DJ bundled